I was looking to join some additional groups, and I noticed that many of the groups are no longer active. Many of them haven't been posted in for years. Is there a reason for this? 

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 talking about atheism gets goddamn boring

Well, it's too bad. 

Lilac have you taken the appropriate steps to save your soul?

Eternity is interminable and as boring as heaven is going to be you know it is like Trump v Clinton. So do you want to go to Clinton or go to Trump?

It would have to be Trump, because her emails!

Jonathan, your post inspired me to look at Nexus groups that no longer exist. I stopped looking when I found, joined, and posted to Charlottesville Skeptics.

Sometimes, I hunt for an appropriate group in which to publish my remarks and don't find any, only to discover later that there is a group, but inactive. Over the months and years I have been with Atheist Nexus, I sometimes find an inactive group with a subject that interests me and I write something specifically for that topic. Occasionally, others write for that old topic and the group revives. 

I agree with Glen that talking only about atheism gets boring, and so do ridiculing theism. Once in a while, an interesting idea floats through. 

In the 4.5 years I've been here, it's been like that.  I suspect one reason is that people find a life other than Atheist Nexus and stop participating.  I've noticed that the regular participators in all groups are few.

If I could find other like minded people in the religious community I live in, my participation in Atheist Nexus would probably drop-off also.  Interacting with people you can touch and talk with for hours is just so much more satisfying. 

The group I would most like to see revitalized is "Ex-Mormon Atheists". I post something there about once a year, but never get a response.  That's the religion I was indoctrinated in as a child, and so it's the one I'm most interested in.  It's also quite different than most other christian religions and so many arguments against most christian religions don't apply to mormonism.  Therefore, I would like to spend a lot more time discussing mormonism.




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