Anyone know what happened to Kalliope Worter? I noticed that he mysteriously dropped off of my friends list a while back. It was soon after I had linked an article in a comment to him about another Egyptian citizen who was arrested for making pro-atheist statements on the Internet. I commented on how he and his contributions were a breath of fresh air, and he responded that he wasn't afraid of the Egyptian culture that he was immersed in (paraphrasing). Next thing you know he was gone. It seems like a very unlikely thing for him to leave this site by choice, since he was quite active here. A search for his name. Shows that he was once a member but no longer has an account. I hope he didn't become a victim of his government's brutal regime.

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Really weird.  Google last cached his profile in November.  Check it out before it is gone.  Maybe you'll find some clue?" target="_blank">

That the guy Humble Pie - (poet and didn't know it). If you read his personal profile you will see how dicey it is to be an outspoken atheist in Egypt. I have a bad feeling about his disappearance.

Nah, I don't think the government got him.  He's very young, a teenager, and somebody in his family, like a parental character of some sort, probably stopped him. 

He said very little about his situation in Egypt, just he was having some kind of problem. 

He gave a lot of info about himself in his public postings, so someone who knew him may have realized who "Kalliope" was. 

I hope he will resurface somewhere, with a nice interesting spout of words. 

I hope you're right.  It's not difficult to find a typical story about how horrible atheists are treated in Egypt.

If he were in actual danger it would be from radical Islamists there, not the gov't.   But such people wouldn't close his accounts, so family interference makes more sense (perhaps to protect him). 

The Egyptian atheist who was imprisoned for his blogging has been released. 

It brings up questions of how one protects one's anonymity if that's necessary.  Kalliope gave a lot of info about himself in public, so he might make another account and not reveal much this time.  I hope so :) he was a bit of a friend and I miss him. 

Yep, I suggested to him that he could get out by getting a college scholarship to a less oppressive country, like the U.S..

I wonder how hard it is for gifted students who aren't U.S. citizens to get a scholarship to come here. 

Me too - he was the first to respond and welcome me on this site.  Very bright young man.


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