Yesterday, I prematurely submitted a request for a new group -- I hadn't finished filling out the request, plus I had decided on a different name.

So I went back a page to finish filling in the request and change the group name. It's a day later, now, and I haven't received any acknowledgment of the request. I think, perhaps, I screwed up the request altogether.

Do you have a request from me for a new group . . . or do I need to resubmit it?

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Add whatever the name of your group is to the end of this URL:


If it did get submitted, it should show up to you. It won't show up to everyone else until, or unless it is approved.
Okay, Grundgetta,

It's there but still not approved . . . ? How long should approval take?
Don't know, Free Thinker. It all depends on everything else that Richard has to do. I don't know what the ETA (estimated times of approval) are.

Since there's so much to do on the site for the handful of people who work on the site behind the scenes, I suggest kicking back with a beverage of choice.
I understand . . .
But... feel free to ask again in a couple of weeks. Sometimes things do fall through the cracks.
Are you the only one doing this work?

I ask, because, if you examine the original post of this thread, I had specifically come here to alert you (or whoever) that I had submitted TWO group requests, THE FIRST OF WHICH WAS IN ERROR (so, to be ignored), the second was the complete and correct group request.

Well . . . you guessed it . . . the first one was approved and now, a few days later, the second request is still unacknowledged.

A button to cancel or withdraw a group request would have allowed me to correct my own error in this case.

And if you're the only one doing this work, then you should demand a raise!! :-)
Oops . . . I see that you've already said Brother Richard does the approving. My mistake.

@Brother Richard,

I made 2 group requests. The first was an error that I couldn't correct or revoke. The second was the correct request.

Oh yeah . . . the first (incorrect) group name was Atheist Lyricists, the second (correct) one was Songwriters.
That didn't take too long, did it?

I had no idea how long it SHOULD take. Minutes, hours, days, weeks? My original concern was that I might have hosed it up altogether by pressing the Back button and revising a request I had already sent erroneously. I also wanted to alert the administrator that it's the second request (IF he received both) I really want.
I wasn't being critical. I don't think there is a set time for approvals, and it's good that you did post to bring it to our attention, instead of stewing in your own juice.

Was there a suggestion made that you're being critical? I don't see it.
Was there a suggestion made that you're being critical? I don't see it.

My mistake. I saw SHOULD in all caps, and thought you might be miffed.




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