Does anyone know why there are no new Ardent Atheist podcasts (Emery Emery's show) on ITunes or the show's website? There's an episode 140 on YouTube from January, so there must also have been episodes 134-139 after episode 133, which is the latest on ITunes and the site.Any info would be appreciated, since this is tied with Thinking Atheist for my favorite godless podcast. Don't judge me.:)

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I'd be interested to know the same! Although they are sometimes quite vulgar I think it's the open honesty that holds appeal in the show, and I'm out of new episodes to listen to! E2H2 <3
I downloaded episode 142 dated jan 22....
I listen to quite a few casts and too have had miss episode issues that might involve utube vids, like maybe asp they started video casting and t podcast app didn't process those like t rest.

I remember hearing a few Ardent Atheist casts and thinking they were alright. Tho if you aren't turned off by t vulgarity and you are not a fence sitter, then i suggest you check out The Scathing Atheist.

Those guys are truely funny. I think their mission statement is "For when 'fuck you'is t only reasonable responce". For me , i am spoiled such that now i dont listen to other atheist casts too much as they just pale in comparison.

I don't know the answer.

Does anyone know of other shows similar to Atheist Experience that we can stream and watch? I love that show!




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