what we can do ?

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Loren, I Agree. 


Anything may be POSSIBLE.  I am far more concerned with what is PROBABLE, and as things stand, deities don't qualify.

We get it. You don't think deities are probable. You don't believe in God. But that's not what we were talking about.

OK, I am going to enter this topic with Probable, Possible, Preferable. 

One can relatively easily figure out what is probable, based on past history. If one wants to learn from the past and do things better, or differently, or faster, or whatever, think in terms of possibilities.

If one wants to transform the situation, think outside the usual and typical, of what is preferable and then work to that goal, if it matters.

On the other had, if it isn't important, let chips fall where they may and get on with living.  

What was the topic? Oh well, as if it matters. 

Well first I will check and see if other scientists can independently verify these claims. If their evidence seems to corroborate with one another then I will accept it. Now the fun part begins. Which god did science prove exists?

Okay, you asked for it - Aphrodite.


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