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My response is simple: SO FUCKING WHAT?

To date, I've gotten along for 61+ years without benefit of any substantial knowledge of ANY deity, whether Abrahamic, Hindi, Greek, Roman or Egyptian.  There has been no palpable presence of god in my daily life, and I have long since gotten along very well on my own.  I have said many times that, should someone manage to discover the presence of such a being in this reality, my response would be, "Oh, that's interesting," whereupon I would go right back to doing what I was doing.

Regardless of what or who should reveal him/her/itself, said being has remained HIDDEN for more years than I care to count, with not so much as a hint of its existence in any form.  At this late date, why should I alter what has been a working model for my life?

Frankly, there are lots of things in this reality that don't exist, among them fairies, mermaids, left-handed zindlefingers ... and gods.  If any of the above existed, SOME trace thereof would have shown itself well before now.  Further, even if some deity were to show itself, does that automatically mean it is worthy or deserving of worship?

There's all sorts of things we COULD do if a god suddenly showed up.  My question is, "What does IT do?"

Well said Loren you have a gift with words.

Yes, Loren does have a gift with words.

No left-handed zindlefingers?  I'm shocked and dismayed. But the right- handed ones do exist - right?


As usual, I wish I'd written that.  Your question is pivotal: what kind of god would science reveal?  Old Testament SOB?  Thor?  Zeus? Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth; I'd pray to her if I thought it would do any good)?  Or maybe God is dark energy.  And what if he's omnipotent and ready to destroy the world again because we're so sinful?  I'd have a lot of questions.  Has he been on lunch break these many millennia?  Why does he have to kill us all because a few are sinful?

As a child, I gave God many years (12, I think) to show up and do something as he did in the Bible.  No show.

I agree with Loren (as usual). It would make absolutely no difference being that I have lived my whole life without any deity sticking his nose in.

Proof of existence would still not have me believing in the same way republicans exist but I am not one of them. Actually, republicans make me believe in the devil more than god....

Hello G,

If science discovered that a god actually existed, then it does not really change anything. First off, the hypothetical situation does not mention which god was proven to exist. Nor does your hypothetical question address whether this god character created to universe, or is simply a lesser god that is in charges of (lets say) the wind. Like the Greek god Aeolus, or the Roman god Anemoi, or the Norse god Njord. :O)

So if a god were proven to be true, then the only thing that it would deserve is the acknowledgement of its existence and nothing more. In other words its existence does not imply that it worthy of our adoration or worship. Much like a newly discovered planet, or lizard. ;O)


That's when the fun starts.  Then we get to ask HIM/HER/IT about the Holocaust, Inquisition, black plague, tsunamis, famines, droughts as well as all the wars, murders....  We can also ask him to please explain how he can be omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent all at the same time, when they are logically impossilbe to coexist,  why he's been hiding from us all these millenia, and just how he manages to control all the movements of 10exp79 atoms in the known universe every moment and then listen to your prayers about a football game?

Comeon! - why waste even a millisecond considering it 

Very well put Eric

Yes eric, there would be lots of questions to ask him.  Why he's been hiding is one of my favorites.

If I had his track record, I'd be hiding too.

That's even presuming the god we discover is the god of the bible!  I mean, what if he/she/it comes back with:

Good gravy!  You guys actually believed that crap?!?  Naaah, I got the whole thing started then went on vacation for a bit.  You'd be amazed how a couple billion years' rest gives you a whole new perspective on things!




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