Looking back over my long life, I can remember receiving a lot of help from a lot of people.

Some of the help was rendered by professionals who were paid for their services. For example,

my Chinese doctor did outstanding work in removing a small carcinoma from my ear without

causing noticeable deformity. The services of teachers, dentists and other professionals have also been

important to my well being.

I have also received help from family, friends and complete strangers who stepped  forward when I 

needed it the most.

Of course, I have helped others along the way, but no help I gave was for any kind of reward. I wasn't

storing up treasures for an after life of bliss.  I helped other people simply because they had a need,

nothing more.

I can remember and appreciate the help given to me by other human beings. What I can't remember is

receiving any help from God. Despite his love and concern for me, God has never done a damn thing

fro me.

Can you think of anything God has ever done for you?

I didn't think so.

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But Allen, the believer says that you couldn't even breath without god. I suppose that means god is your lungs rather than something you feel in your reins. I thought god helped me find my car keys once when I left them in the refrigerator, but there is a good chance I would have opened up that refrigerator door anyway sooner or later.

Then there is the time in Texas when I prayed for the hurricane to go around us, and sure enough, it did! Real answered prayer that one. What do you mean it would have went around anyway? There is strength in numbers. God did it because thousands were praying that day. He wouldn't have done jack if only a couple prayed.

I'm puzzled mostly by church signs that say their god can do anything. What puzzles me most about it is why god never does do anything. Maybe I should just go look at a sunset so I could really understand god. Well, I could think of the complexities of the human eye, or just find a newborn baby.

I'm finding religious and superstitious thinking to be much the same here.  :)

That's the reason I overcame my religious indoctrination.  I finally realized "God" had done nothing for me. 

"God" never answered my prayers as promised.  "God" never gave inspiration to my leaders to help me as promised.  "God" never gave me a sure knowledge of what was true, as promised.

To paraphrase something I said elsewhere here, something that doesn't exist cannot help me, but depending on something that doesn't exist to help me may wind up hurting me, or at least keep me from accomplishing a desired goal.  What gets done gets done by PEOPLE.

God doesn't enter into it, because something that doesn't exist CAN'T.

The believer has been brainwashed to pretend that God did it.

That is his weakness and my strength.

The god I knew bound my mind as tightly as Chinese bound the feet of their little girls, crippling them in order to please someone's notion of "normal" behavior.  A bound mind can't ask questions, doubt authority, explore options, examine alternative points of view. The crippling of the mind has to be taught. A baby girl isn't born worshipping god, or doesn't pray to a higher power, or doesn't learn how to be self-sufficient. She is taught to look outside herself for guidance and direction, she learns how to be dependent on external energy. 

Breaking the bonds of mind-binding requires taking risks, challenging power, confronting nonsense, thinking independently and critically. Some timid or frightened people don't seem able to get the energy it takes to break the security of being obedient, submissive, acquiescent and dependent. 

A child who has bound feet has to live with the crippling effects of that procedure her entire life. Constant pain plagues her, especially the spine and nervous system damage that can't be repaired. She is a sad one. 

A child who has a bound mind can recover healthy functioning by gaining the power to take action in her behalf. Her interests define her thoughts and actions. She can function as a full member of the community. She has a mind and can discipline herself to learn survival skills. She is a lucky one. 

God has done heaps for moi!

Provided me with endless discussions, jokes and stirs.  :-D~

I find many jokes and stupid things to talk about, concerning god botherers.

Without god botherers, life would be less amusing.

I thank god for god botherers and the constant humour they generate with their utter nonsense.

Actually, I should thank those originators of gods who created them in their own image and all those billions of believers who change god to mirror their own images.  

They are mostly hilarious, except for a few morons that the world can do well without.




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