What I Have To Say About the Creationists Demand for Equal Time On Cosmos

As far as I'm concerned about the Creationists demand for equal time on the Fox series "Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey", it is nothing more than an attempt to besmirch the legacy of Carl Sagan and all the real scientists who have come before and after him. If the Producers of Cosmos, or whoever, caves, and does give the Creationists equal time it will be a travesty, and a black mark on true science, and I will quit watching it.

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Depend on this: if the producers of Cosmos (and let's remember, Seth McFarlane is among them!) cave to the creationists, the first thing they'll lose will be Neil deGrasse Tyson!  I'd bet serious money that he'd bolt before the echo of the announcement died out in the room, and McFarlane would be right behind him, contracts and lawsuits notwithstanding.  This stuff is IMPORTANT to them both, and let's also not forget that Tyson was mentored by Sagan, himself.  This isn't about money to them; it's about PRINCIPLE.

If Fox does this, it'll be yet one more black eye they'll sustain, and if their reputation could go any lower than it already is, it will.

Aren't all the episodes in the can already?

I suspect FOX will not do it, openly. The reason for the qualifier is that I doubt they will purposefully give airtime immediately after an episode to the nut burgers and looney bins who believe in bronze aged fairy tales.  What IS possible though, is that on some other program on their network, they will give airtime to the superstitious. That would not surprise me in the slightest.  Let's face it, FOX is about nothing if it is not about making money. Cosmos is probably bringing in a healthy dose of advertising revenue for them. If they can supplement that revenue on some other station of theirs by broadcasting BS, then, "Lights, Camera, Action!"

P.S. I really enjoyed the comment made at the beginning of the third episode made by Dr. Tyson about seeking patterns in nature. "We can see a sacred image in a grilled cheese sandwich." Right on, Neil!

I was waiting for him to throw out that classic term, "pareidolia," but I guess that would have distracted too much from the main thrust of that segment.  I suppose it would have been too much to expect a quick shot of the classic Jesus-dog's-ass pic, too!  [grin]

"I suppose it would have been too much to expect a quick shot of the classic Jesus-dog's-ass pic, too!"

LMAO Loren ! I saw that photo, it was hilarious.

There are 2 of these on the Internet now. I'm not sure which one is the real Jesus?

Lol Michael.

I sure hope this does not happen - I won't watch it if they are going to put in the fairy tales.

My reply to people in my life who have stated that they need to add this to cosmos has been that cosmos is the balance to FOX News.

My Aunt who holds the Belief in Old World Creation actually looked at me and told my "Hmm well i think that makes sense" she is the most open and forward about religion in my family. when we get in to it the rest of my family either walk away or watch the match of wits we have fun but to others it looks like we are about to rip each other apart. we always end up laughing as neither of us think we will change the other ones mind and love to debate.

I am enjoying t series. And this is t first i am hearing of this.

I know little of t matters that decide matters like this. But i dont imagine Fox will give creationist any responce time. I would imagine t entire series is finished so that even if anyone did want to give them time to respond, where would t responce go w/o cutting out something
already filmed.

If Fox wants to give them airtime ob some other show,let them. They can put it between shows about ghost and bigfoot hunters, teen moms,American Idol, and all
t other shows i dont watch.

Also, its my understanding that Fox entertainment is a seperate entity from Fox
news. Rupert Murdoch is not a shining example of progresive rational thinking.
But i think its t head of t news department that is most reponsible for Fox
having t rep it does. Point of Inquiry did a thing on this recently where they
gave t guys name, Roger Ails maybe.

POI said Murdoch wanted to endorse Obama in one of t recent elections until t
news guy presured him into changing his mind. I got t impression that Murdoch
would produce and broadcast pornogaphy 24/7 if he thought that would allow him t biggest profit.

On another matter. I have always thought Tyson was ať least a bit of a pussy for his reluctence to call himself an atheist. But he can call himself whatever he liked, i suppose. He did not appear to mě to be pulling many punches. And almost undoubtedly he wouldnot have such a large platform to speak from if he was known to actually call himself an atheist

Creationism is actually the focus of Cosmos, according to Betsy Phillips at ThinkProgress! (It is certainly a focus of the show.) She writes that Dr. Tyson is deliberately showing the flaws in creationist arguments:

Why did we have to sit through the history of the eyeball? Creationists love to argue that the complexity of the eyeball disproves evolution. Note how he talked specifically about how the eyeball ... works well enough for what we need it for, but not as well as it does in fish — the whole idea that the eyeball is a perfect, too-complex thing is a creationist argument.

Another example: Why did Tyson spend so much time explaining the similarities and differences in how polar bears have evolved through natural selection vs. how dogs have changed in the time we’ve been breeding them for certain traits? Because creationists acknowledge that changes within species happen. They just like to pretend like one kind of organism couldn’t really have brought forth another kind of organism.

Tyson isn’t ignoring creationism. Creationists wish Tyson were ignoring creationism.... Tyson is taking creationists’ claims deadly seriously, and showing all the ways they’re wrong.





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