Universal healthcare, universal education, LGBT rights, no gender role influenced government, a government where you have to prove your reliability before you can have certain rights to prevent corruption, job opportunities, fair trade, net neutrality, internet privacy, no religiously influenced government, clean water, clean drinks, clean foods, no caste system, marijuana legalization, where people do not owe governmental debt so much, the legal age for alcoholic drinking to be 18, the legal age for sex to be 17, fair voting system, and for the president/prime minister/etc. to have a political advisor and never have complete control over the country.

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I'll move to that country.

Its name, Bert and Niki, is Erehwon.

I've heard of radio free Erehwon.

Sounds good to me, with two exceptions. The male human brain does not mature until the mid-20s. Alcohol and sex should be withheld until at least 21.

With alcohol, some people think they are in control of a car when they are under the influence, but a video of their behavior after even one drink may convince them that it is not a good idea to drink and drive. If anyone drinks and drives, there should be heavy penalties of loss of license, fines, and even lock-up time if they are a repeat offender. 

Human sexuality drives begin very early in life, some even before puberty. I don't believe in squashing sexual questions or even masturbation. Sexual intercourse without prophylactics may leave a girl at risk for the single upbringing of the child. Society has to agree to help her to adulthood, as many cultures do or find effective ways to involve the father of the child, financially if not socially.

As for myself, I don't want to have to support a girl/woman and her dependent children. 

Procreative sex should be withheld until at least 21, and should be denied many for life.

Tom, you are correct, again!

Tom, you're a Catholic - there isn't any sex except for the procreative kind, right? A license to breed sounds like a good idea.

[T]here isn't any sex except for the procreative kind, right?

Bert, that went out the window when I discovered masturbation.

Ask me when I last went to confession.

"1956," I will reply.

I remember in second or third grade when they taught us how to go to confession. They had a helpful document called the examination of conscience. It contained a list of potentially  committed sins, and we were supposed to review it and remember any we had actually committed. The most fetching sin on the list was "I touched myself in impure places."

The RCC had more interest in power over than healthy lifestyles. I wonder why touching oneself was such a hot cookie. It filtered down, big time, to the Puritan culture. I don't know if any religion went so far as the Puritans cutting off the noses of Quakers because of their faulty beliefs. 

Joan, I think you know why it was a "hot cookie".

It distracted us from what they wanted.

Keep in mind that touching oneself or playing with oneself is diminished greatly by circumcision. American culture used to be obsessed with that if you were male. It appears that other cultures still are if you are female. The monstrous practice is nothing more than mutilation, but American males knew it was what Jehovah wanted for men.




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