Universal healthcare, universal education, LGBT rights, no gender role influenced government, a government where you have to prove your reliability before you can have certain rights to prevent corruption, job opportunities, fair trade, net neutrality, internet privacy, no religiously influenced government, clean water, clean drinks, clean foods, no caste system, marijuana legalization, where people do not owe governmental debt so much, the legal age for alcoholic drinking to be 18, the legal age for sex to be 17, fair voting system, and for the president/prime minister/etc. to have a political advisor and never have complete control over the country.

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Wasn't that just precious?

They were unable to put "I touched my cock" or "I touched my clit" on the list.

Yeah, I guess it was on the list because rather than do it ourselves we were supposed to leave that to the priests.

Bertold, were you molested by the priests? Did you ever report it? Are you going to? 

I wonder how many grown men have been molested by priests and have never reported to someone who would take it seriously?

No, I was never physically assaulted, just mentally and emotionally like all Catholics. (It was about sixth grade when I started calling God an asshole.) It was a great disappointment to my granny that I didn't become a priest.

A more evolved homo sapiens will have laws that treat religion as mental and emotional abuse.

Bertold, as a protestant our only penalty for improper touching was going blind. Whenever I saw a blind man, I knew. I wondered if they didn't warn him, or if he went ahead anyway.

What about hairy palms?

And that's hilarious! He may or may not have fallen for Pascal's sucker bet.

If we had been intelligently designed, we would each have been born with a completely safe, effective, reversible, reusable fertility switch, initially "OFF", that would allow for all the wonderful, exuberant, joyful non-procreative female-male sex we wanted. Two people who wanted to conceive a child would have to both explicitly make that decision before it could happen.

That is what we need, an "OFF" fertility switch! Life would be oh! so much better! 

Lilac, same here. We wanted and planned our babies, even adopted an infant and our twins were born 5-months, 13-days later. That completed our family. Protection before and after the litter. 

Count me in.



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