Since I live in religious society, and they truly believe in the resurrection after death for the judgement day.

Now I'm wondering what if suddenly the whole world realized that there is no afterlife, no such thing as a soul that you only get once chance to live, what then? will people love each other more or will be so much selfish and only love themselves? will you waste your life away on something you don't like e.g a bad job or waste your health on smoking? will everybody be so horrified by that idea that they won't attempt anything dangerous? will there be a death penalty? which in my opinion would be a merciful thing to do on my assumption.

there are so many examples that I can give but I want to hear from AN members.

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You may be right, Dr., about people not being totally honest in answering polls.  End-of-life questions are a serious topic that require thoughtful and personal introspective.  I think for many people, the mere subject is too uncomfortable to muse about.  So, when confronted with polling on the subject, they simply spit out the easiest and most comfortable answer they have which has been (most likely) taught to them since birth:  yes, of course there is an afterlife.  When you die, you go to heaven.  After all, we must be on this earth for some type of profound reason.  If not, then our existence is meaningless, and that just can't be possible!


Yet most people belie any real belief in heaven: they desperately cling to life, and are devastated when loved ones die.

I can't improve on the animation I've mentioned before, "If Heaven Really Existed". If people did have confidence in an eternal, joyful afterlife, far better than anything in life, our world would look very different! (And -- not touched on in the video -- abortion would be a moral imperative...)

The author, Thornton Wilder, had an annoucement prepared for his death to the effect that he had always known that everyone dies, but somehow thought an exception would be made in his case. The announcement was to tell everyone that it hadn't.

At my age anything can happen at any time. It's good to be prepared for that and to have your family prepared so they know what to do and perhaps even more important, what not to do. My primary care physician knows I do not want to be resuscitated or intubated.

I enjoy life—friends, music, books, my dog—but I know it is going to end sooner rather than later and that it is foolish to postpone things you want to do.

The thing I fear most is the medical community in full charge trying to save my life by cracking my ribs and putting a breathing tube down my throat so they can be sure I will pass in misery. "We did everything we could" are words I do not want to have spoken over my poor broken body.




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