I was just thinking about what could put this movement in second or third gear. What triggered this thought was listening to Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard thank god after a game. Its obvious that this guys gigantism and muscularity is what enhance his performance. Then it hit me that the majority of black people in the spotlight are there either because of sports or entertainment. Hearing a rapper thank god at the grammys after making an album about drugs, gun and hos, and sportstars thank god for winning a game but then lose the series. I wonder what would happen if one of these people with so much influence over our youth should say religion is nonsense and god if he exsist could never be as powerful a man claims he his. Someone like Jay z or Kobe Bryant or even Al Roker perhaps.

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The black affinity for Islam is also not well thought out, being that slavery is still legal in certain Muslim countries.
Why would you put money on this? I'll grant you he's pretty smart, esp. in comparison to the average dimwit comedian. But you really think he'd go this far?
Obama, before selling out for Washington politics, pretty much confessed disbelief during his good-do'er prime (community organiser) in the memoir Dreams From My Father.

He's a very intelligent individual who also knew the theocratic requirements for his current job.
It has always amazed me that so many black people buy into Christianity when the justification for slavery can be found right there in the Bible!!
It shouldn't amaze you at all.
The blackman was mentally engineered by christians to guard his own prison. If a whiteman should say christianity can never be the blackman's religion. Fundies can convince blacks he is racist.
How many black atheist do you know?
One atheist (religious apologist, though) and one agnostic girl I took on a date.
I cant see how its racist to say blacks are more religious than whites when its a proven statistic. I can find a white atheist as I walked out my door. I cant even call a black atheist by phone. Be rational Larry.
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman is a good spokesman. He's old enough that he can finally be "out" without worrying too much about the stigma.


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