I was just thinking about what could put this movement in second or third gear. What triggered this thought was listening to Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard thank god after a game. Its obvious that this guys gigantism and muscularity is what enhance his performance. Then it hit me that the majority of black people in the spotlight are there either because of sports or entertainment. Hearing a rapper thank god at the grammys after making an album about drugs, gun and hos, and sportstars thank god for winning a game but then lose the series. I wonder what would happen if one of these people with so much influence over our youth should say religion is nonsense and god if he exsist could never be as powerful a man claims he his. Someone like Jay z or Kobe Bryant or even Al Roker perhaps.

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I find his statement ambiguous, and not suggesting atheism.
Original video here.
I think Morgan Freeman may be an atheist. He was making comments during an interview that alluded to such (non)beliefs. The blog post I got this from is below.

What is involved is a compounding of all the problems of society and concentration in one social segment, an extreme concentration of what everyone else faces in a more diffuse fashion. It's not "they are so different", but by examining "their" situation we understand our own.
There is a spectrum of views on this subject and I couldn't pretend to answer this question. I wasn't thinking about "coming out" per se, but rather about the compounding of social pressures, layer upon layer. "Coming out" in any capacity, any manifestation of renegade individuality, marginalizes a person or even makes anyone who pokes his/her head up a target. The rigidification of social roles is stronger and more evident in some groups than in others. The mass media's ideology is basically integrationist, but the management of diversity and the squelching of individual consciousness are essential to social integration into a stratified consumer society.
There have been black non-theists in history, such as Frederick Douglass. Here are some more.




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