I was just thinking about what could put this movement in second or third gear. What triggered this thought was listening to Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard thank god after a game. Its obvious that this guys gigantism and muscularity is what enhance his performance. Then it hit me that the majority of black people in the spotlight are there either because of sports or entertainment. Hearing a rapper thank god at the grammys after making an album about drugs, gun and hos, and sportstars thank god for winning a game but then lose the series. I wonder what would happen if one of these people with so much influence over our youth should say religion is nonsense and god if he exsist could never be as powerful a man claims he his. Someone like Jay z or Kobe Bryant or even Al Roker perhaps.

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man i been sayin that same shit for years, your absolutely right man.
Cant get into American politics unless you promise to throw rationality out and obey your imaginary friend.

... you know... come to think of it... that explains allot of the retarded nature of American politics.
You can continue fooling yourself about Obama if you wish, but don't hold your breath. With mainstream politicians, even the bright ones, it is impossible to tease out how much of their bullshit they actually believe. And they themselves may not know. When people dwell in ideology, ideology becomes natural to them, and they don't step outside of their social role to distinguish their pretense from their real convictions. Obama is probably too deep into self-deception to fulfill your expectations.
RT you summed up a topic that I believe needs attention. There are two ways of approaching this. Either find someone famous that is an atheist and encourage them to 'come out.' Or find someone with incredible talent and support them in every way we can to put them in the spot light. If they are already famous they know just how valuable a commodity they are and will likely make that known behind the scenes. The second scenario is likely to garner more people holding a sign stating that they are atheists. A good place to start when trying to promote a political stance is with writers. This could be a good starting point for atheists too. Can we get a challenge to Dawkins? Hirsi Ali comes to mind as a contemporary contender worthy of the challenge.
An atheist boy band would be a good idea. An antidote for the Jonas brothers.
Must... refrain... from... killing... Jonas... Bothers...
Apparently Zac Efron is agnostic. I don't remember what he does exactly but he's some kind of teen heartthrob.
Coincidentally, I was thinking of Paul Robeson in connection with a discussion on the yahoo black thinkers list about sports figures. One can expect nothing of these people since they are groomed to buy into the values of the very society that first made them poor and then made them rich.

As for Hirsi Ali, she is with the American Enterprise Institute now, and thus is in company with the other new atheist warmongers, Harris and Hitchens.
I've never heard or read anything by Ali in which she was gung-ho about war. She grew up in a violent religion and rejected it. She is also not conservative in any way except for rejecting cultural relativism, which is a racist idea anyway being that it means different treatment for people based on their race/culture/ethnicity.
My vote would be for Ralph Dumain! You educate, articulate, write, you are the four horse men! Reading the things that you've written over the decades opened my eyes and brain. If I were to put it to a vote you Ralph would get my vote irrevocably!
Yeah, I don't know if you caught it, but he commented earlier in this discussion.
The whole black theist ting bugs me because we have more reason than white people do to hate Christianity since it was forced on us by our slaveowners back in da day. That aint no racist statement it's just what happened. We also got all them Christian missionaries in Africa helping da starvin 'niggers' but only so long as they can brainwash them about Christianity. It's easier for us 'poor black folks' to live in da ghettos and not change our situations when we have 'faith' in a God who was made up by da colonialists. I aint gonna be no slave to no one or no God. For me black people are as enslaved as ever, to God and a white blue eyed Jesus. I want Obama to declare himself an atheist so fuckin bad it hurts. lol




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