What If Atheist Vs. Theist Debates Were More Like Dragon Ball Z Battles?

Use your vivid imaginations.

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I don't think I could tolerate the "dramatic" camera angles and posturing long enough to hear what anyone had to say...

The atheists' spirit bomb would be greater because the mind of an atheist is calmer, more rational and zeroed into the ki.


Thus, the dragon balls would be eventually owned by the righteous Goku and his secular friends.

ShockofGod can be the incarnation of Majin Buu.

yeah all the incarnation stuff in the games are craaaazy

there's so many little sub secret tricks in DBZ.

actually a challenging game, hard on the fingers, kids dig it

it's the first of it's kind game-wise...

Can't wait to try the PS3 versions

Then every battle would look like this.



LOL, that's the one... secular cell beat that guys handlebar mustache arse!

In all my years of life THAT is the greatest thing i have ever come across. I applaud you sir.

It would be a whole lot cooler than it is now. : )


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