Alright, so first I will point out that this is a hoax. My boyfriend told me about this and we decided to check this out. It was followed promptly by a discussion of why most of these wouldn't work. Bill Cosby did not write this, and is in his own words:

"I am not a write in candidate for President. The statement purportedly from me stating that I am a candidate is a hoax. The statement
attributed to me (and at various times to Robin William, Andy Rooney
and George Carlin) does not represent my view and in many respects is abhorrent to me. Apparently those bloggers and websites who continue to spread this hoax do not care to do even minimal fact checking."

I am merely curious to see what others would think of these views. As for myself, I disagree with the majority of these false proposals. It just wouldn't work in any realistic sense. If anything, half of these would alienate the U.S. from it's allies, as if they needed any more reason to separate themselves from us.

(1) 'Press 1 for English' is immediately banned. English is the
official language; speak it or wait at the border until you can.

(2) We will immediately go into a two year isolationist posture to
straighten out the country's attitude.. NO imports, no exports. We will
use the 'Wal-Mart 's policy, 'If we ain't got it, you don't need it.'

(3) When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it.

(4) All retired military personnel will be required to man one of our
many observation towers on the southern border (six month tour). They
will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTHBOUND aliens.

(5) Social security will immediately return to its original state. If
you didn't put nuttin in, you ain't gettin nuttin out. The president
nor any other politician will be able to touch it.

(6) Welfare - Checks will be handed out on Fridays at the end of the 40
hour school week and the successful completion of urinalysis and a
passing grade.

(7) Professional Athletes--Steroids. The FIRST time you check positive you're banned for life.

(8) Crime - We will adopt the Turkish method, the first time you steal,
you lose your right hand. There is no more life sentences. If convicted
of murder, you will be put to death by the same method you chose for
your victim; gun, knife, strangulation, etc.

(9) One export will be allowed, Wheat. The world needs to eat. A bushel of wheat will be the exact price of a barrel of oil.

(10) All foreign aid using American taxpayer money will immediately
cease, and the saved money will pay off the national debt and
ultimately lower taxes. When disasters occur around the world, we'll
ask the American people if they want to donate to a disaster fund, and
each citizen can make the decision whether it's a worthy cause.

(11) The Pledge of Allegiance will be said every day at school and every day in Congress.

(12) The National Anthem will be played at all appropriate ceremonies, sporting events, outings, etc.
Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes


Bill Cosby

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Number eight is the one me and my boyfriend got in our debate about. He thought that was a good idea until I pointed out crimes of poverty. While I don't condone stealing, morality is not black and white. When I was a kid, my brother pretty much raised me and my other two brothers. I still remember one night there was nothing to eat in the house but a pack of ramen and some powdered milk, some ketchup in the fridge. My brother left us alone while he went to the store. He stole pancake mix. Would this be an offense that would be punishable by mutilation? I don't think so.

As for professional sports, way too many resources are spent on them.

For welfare, I'm more disagreeable with the fact that day by day I see more and more women sponging off of it by becoming baby factories...and very few of them even give two shits about the child. I think there are people that deserve to live off of welfare and there are those that don't. I can't think of a completely useful solution other than forceful infertility procedures which would actually be a blatant disrespect of their human rights.
#6 Really offended me. This notion that people receiving welfare are all drug addicts pisses me off. It seems like some straw man set up to make working people mad so they vote a certain way. Actually, most of these ideas do.
yeah, make working people mad
I concur
Bill Cosby? Filth flarn filth?
Look, he's from the projex.
so... he knows about something
even if he's rich to the gills, it's with background, street level




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