I was watching the news the other day, about the ongoing war and terror in the middle east, which of course at its core is about religion, whose god is the only god....same as it has been forever. It is mind blowing how long human beings have been slaughtering one another in the name of one god or another. I thought, "How long will it take for humans to evolve past such illogical behavior and ideas"?

A thought occured to me... What if the god concept had never become "real" to people? What if gods and goddesses never grew to be anything more than a story told around a fire?  Hence, the topic of discussion I am proposing:

What do you think this world would be like if there had never been belief in any gods of any kind? How do you think our evolution would have been different, if at all?

I am looking forward to this conversation, everybody!

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Primitive humans attributed fearsome natural phenomena to gods. Earthquakes, lightning, thunder, volcanoes, etc. all understandably scared the shit out of people, so these fear motivated beliefs were reasonable to some degree. Now we have knowledge of the actual causes of these things, yet sadly the world is still saturated with primitive thinking humans who perpetuate the god myth, and the greedy, immoral charlatans who prey on them.

My thoughts exactly. Keyword there is greed, and I believe greed will  be the factor that will lead to human extinction

TC, are you wanting some material for a book?

No  but That is not a bad idea, Tom!

Religion as the primary source or as an implement to foment wars seems to go hand in hand.

Having your god favor or support one group in sanctioning or justifying the murder of the "other" eliminates all kinds of questions. Ironically, many that are basic moral questions.

Nonetheless removing religion as a factor would by no means eliminate war because it is really about being able to dehumanize others. Wars rely on this all too human trait.

Still, the removal of religion would remove a tool easily used to justify the murder of other no - believers as justifiable.



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