What if Jesus was wrong about everything - except the Second Coming?

Silly game time!

OK, let me tell you this: Jesus existed. Really. And yes, he died on the cross, expecting daddy would bring him back to life within a few hours. Or days, or weeks, depending on daddy's mood at the moment. The ways of God are inscrutable, even to His own progeny.

What Jesus wasn't aware of, though, is he picked the wrong religious doctrine to start with. In this alternate world, it's Buddha who got it right: resurrection doesn't work, reincarnation is the only way out.

So, according to you, what kind of animal, or plant, or which historical (or fictional) person did Jesus reincarnate into?

(Given the long days he spent hung up to a piece of wood, I'd guess he was reborn a termite.)

If you feel uninspired, try with Muhammad. Or L. Ron Hubbard, or whomever you see fit - as long as this person is supposed to come back from the dead at some point.

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Jesus already came back as President George W. Bush. Fucking up the world one time wasn't enough.
OUCH! Don't DO that to a guy! I almost barfed on my laptop!!!
The Invisible Man. No wait, that's not reincarnation.
Well, we all know when Jesus died, he was reincarnated as a deadly virus, who's only purpose was to infect the four corners of the earth, and he is still that virus today.

LOL, just kidding... I am Jesus.



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