What if  religion never existed and there were no religions of any kind that ever started upon the face of the earth. How far advanced do you believe scientist would be now? Do you think we would already have a cure for most diseases? Do you think over population would not exist or unwanted and homeless children would exist? Do you think we would have had less wars? Would the Spanish have conquored North America? Do you think Hitler would have killed all of those millions of Jews? Do you think we would already had bases on Mars? Do you think nations would be better off and richer than they are now? Would history be better than it has been? What if everyone were atheist? How much better off do you think our entire civilization would be if there never were any religions and everyone from the dawn of time to the present were atheist? I have oftened wonder what kind of advances in science there would now be were there were no religions to influence and stop the progress of mankind or how much better off the world would have been had there never been any religions. Would people trust one another more? Would there be as much crime or war or suffering? Would the leadership of countries be better and would less people have more food, shelter and strife? How would history have been different? I believe religion is the root of most of the ills of the world. What do you think? Do you believe religion and the belief in gods, goddesses and imaginary beings are the root cause of the world's troubles and why we aren't as scientifically advanced as we should be?

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I think he's talking about the Dark Ages. 1000 years of no scientific discovery.
Wiki- "The next major step in integral calculus came in the 11th century, when Ibn al-Haytham (known as Alhacen in Europe), an Iraqi mathematician working in Egypt, devised what is now known as "Alhazen's problem", which leads to an equation of the fourth degree, in his Book of Optics. "

Note that this was outside the catholic church's influence. I think I am right in saying that most of the scientific advances in the dark ages took place in the middle east rather than Europe.

So, interestingly, one religion allowed scientific advancement while another stifled it.
But equally interesting is the Xtian and Atheist (despite the Xtians) centered world is now at the cutting edge and the Islamic world is at the bottom.
I suggest seeing a movie called Agora (2009) which is about Hypatia, a 3rd century philosopher, and the destruction of the library of Alexandria.

The destruction of that library, by the Christians, resulted in arguably the largest loss of knowledge in human history. It took more than 1000 years for scientists to rediscover things known at that time, proving your point.
thanks for movie tip; i just added that to my Netflix list.
When I first heard about that, many years ago, I was stunned at how people could be so insane as to do that. And when I get reminded of it, as now, there are no words for how I feel.. a sense of loss, almost like the death of a friend.

And you say it has taken 1000 years to re-discover - but what HAVEN'T we re-discovered? What has been lost, possibly for ever?
Another cultural atrocity was what the Spanish priests did to the codices of the Mayans and the Aztecs (Triple Alliance) - bonfire for Jeebus. A thousand years of the history of Meso-America ....Poof !
Thankfully at least one priest had a change of heart and managed to help retain some small pieces of information. Just enough to hint at what was lost, which probably makes it feel even worse.

But when you read details of some of the incidents, you see that the conquistadors were nothing short of mindless thugs.
the conquistadors were nothing short of mindless thugs.
That's being pretty harsh on mindless thugs. The conquistadors were the Backwater (Xe) of their day with the morality of a lizard..
we would be way ahead in science.We would have bases on Mars and the Moon.We would have cured most illnesses.We wouldn't have had 9/11.We would have less wars.We wouldn't have had the Salem witch trials.Christians and Muslims wouldn't kill each other.No "faith based healing".We could agree and work together.No race issues.We would have a much better world.
i think humanity would have compensated for the fact that religion is no longer a dividing force in the world. Our tribal and racial allegiances would have got stronger , to the point that it would have taken over the way religion has demarcated society into out-groups and in-groups like we see today. So wars would still be there and so would pretty much most our troubles and problems. My only hope is that the advancement of science would have led us out of all this.
I can't imagine a world in which the concept of religion never occurred to be much different from our own. After all, at the worst of times religions was simply twisted into a sword for the convenience of another agenda like Clovis the I's conquest. Religion is only one of the many factors by which mankind can segregate and impede itself with. I just don't trust people. I think a good portion of the population wouldn't pause to dominate others and only reflect once their conquest had been completed. And then, how many would honestly regret their actions over their victories? Though this just my pessimistic viewpoint since I don't have strong faith in humanity. I also find selfishness to be root of all what I define as evil and almost everyone is selfish.




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