Has anyone here every thought about what if there happened to be a god. It doesn't really matter what god or what religion just if there is one. When you die what do you think they/him/her would say and how you would react? If they were a god that passed judgment, do you think that they would understand your reasons for not believing and forgive you or would they punish you without question?

I was raised Christian and while I don't believe anything they say, the above still crosses my mind quite often. I'm a musician and I get a lot of gigs playing for church services, especially around Christmas and Easter. It's hard not to listen to the sermon and try to understand their way of thinking during these times and these questions always pop into my mind during and after the service.

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How about this: if there were the god of the bible, how could you NOT know it?

I feel like, the answer would be the opposite of what Christians say about atheists: life would be meaningless. If God has a plan and a specific end to my life; if god controls and/or wills every movement I make; if God already knows where I will...for lack of a better phrase, "end up," how am I not a robot or puppet? Free Will be damned; I must follow His program, and all I can hope for is God's infamous capriciousness when it comes to changing His mind and allowing Free Will. I can only hope those biblical inconsistencies show that God might forget about us one day and set us free.

If the bible were true, we'd have a big decision to make: to bow down before this cruel Overlord Tyrant who flies into Jealous Rages all the time, or to make the foolish yet moral decision and fight against him, knowing that it would be like an ant fighting against a chicken...a brood of hungry hens. They will wipe all of us out in minutes.

And then we would have to wait for all those scary monsters He will send; monsters with multiple eyes and wings, and buy earplugs to try to drown out their incessant singing of "HOLY HOLY HOLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!" We'll get our cameraphones to take pics of that jeweled-cube that is heaven according to the bible, and hope we don't get fried in the beams emanating from it. (Look it up--it's all in there.) We'll have to accept that God made 10 thousand million stars in the Milky Way, and 500 billion galaxies, all with their own stars and their own stars having their own solar systems....and he never ONCE mentioned it to us! He won't answer the question, "God, why, if you made these suns, why can we see those suns being created (in the long-ago) in nebulae?" He never ONCE mentions who lives in some of those suns' worlds, and how much he hates the kind of sex all those googols of space beings have! We'll have to ignore the fact that every single one of those worlds was made in ONE DAY, and he spent the other FIVE on just our world!
Somehow we will try to ignore the fact that all the rest of the entire universe exists, because, well, "heaven" is only about 1200 miles square! We'll have to decide that the world is really as tiny as it looks when we go to church. It'll be difficult, but if we want to spend the rest of our days listening to "HOLY HOLY HOLY HOLY HOLY" sing by mashup creatures with 12 eyes, and not get squashed into blood wine by Jesus with a giant winepress, we'll have to!
Not to mention the fact that Christians can barely stay in church for one hour a week...a place where they apparently worship their God. Imagine them worshipping him 24 hours a day in Heaven. Bring your gun so you can blow your brains out.
Just supposing that I woke up one morning and found myself dead, and suppose that despite all my beliefs there is a God then I would say to him.. If you don't want people to question you then you shouldn't give them free will or intelligence because you do have a history of putting temptaion in peoples way and then having a hissy fit when they give in to temptation, all that Adam and Eve stuff was a very bad move to start with.Also all that demanding that people worship you, what the hell is all that about?
If, when I died, my soul/spirit or whatever magically raised up to a heaven and then a God character stood there as I was about to enter this place I would say: "Well, aren't you proud?"
If as often you supposed in discussion there is a being(s) that have, to our perspective, god like attributes; there is still nothing that can be reasonably assumed about it/them. Therefore it is not worth much thought. Certainly not worth all the worship nonsense.

Why bother? Without a bible or holy book, the idea of god just turns into another story or discussion you might hear at a bar.

Nick in Tacoma
Well if its Yahweh I plan on decking him in the face. That guys a mass-murdering fuckhead! No different from Stalin or Hitler or Rasputin really. I'd deck them in the face too. I'm not a violent person in general (not "eye for an eye") but I'm not about to "turn the other cheek" either. If he tries to send me to hell, I'm taking him down with me.
And here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iMmvu9eMrg
This is a really great, highly factual lecture on "Why We Believe in Gods" from a neuroscience and evolutionary perspective. I found it fascinating, but it is about an hour long so make sure you have time to watch it. I personally skipped the "agnostic" step and jumped right from True Believer to Pissed Off Atheist, but I think it's okay to ask questions. Asking questions means you're using your critical thinking skills :)
Thanks for the link. That was a very interesting lecture.
First, I think it's a perfectly valid and even logical question for an atheist to ask. I myself am a fan of Descartes: Except for math and existence of oneself, not much of anything else can be proven with absolute certainty. To that end there could be a god. In the same way that there could be gnomes, or fairies, or the thing I'm holding in my hand that I think is a spoon is really a pink elephant. I'm confident enough in the unlikelihood of any of these things to bet my eternal soul on it, but there's no harm in asking "What if."

For one thing, that "What if" is one of the top reasons I finally found the courage to question my Christian upbringing to begin with. No matter which way I cut it, one of the unwavering core beliefs of Christianity is that God is merciful, loving and just. By that definition, I can not imagine that such a God would be so vain as to demand we fully understand his nature (especially when so much contradictory and misleading information has been placed in our path), and that this somehow takes precedence over having lived a moral life. In other words, the god I was taught to believe in would not care that I was an atheist. He'd only be concerned that I wasn't a serial killer or something.

The other option is that God is indeed a vain tyrant. In which case I'll take my chances in hell.

I just hope there are gnomes and fairies there.
I agree with you absolutely 100% Also-and I'm not an expert, I may be wrong-but I believe Godel's Incompleteness Theorem shattered the idea that math (or at least algebra and trig) are certain. If I understand it correctly axiomatic reasoning (reasons based on axioms and a priori statements) were proven to conceptually contradict themselves because they are self-referential (refer to themselves in a sort of logical loop) meaning that even mathematics are not totally consistent. Any of you guys(and ladies) math whizzes in here? I'd love to learn more about it's subtleties!*
*As an intellectual exercise-I have tried to imagine how many times Godel's Theorem comes up in conversations involving theists. While the act of pondering this is not an exacting science in any sense, way, or form-I nonetheless derived much pleasure and gratification in this contemplation. Much pleasure indeed....
Your question includes a number of assumptions.*

Why do you assume that you would meet this god when you die, and that you would have to say anything to him/her/it? Why do you assume he would be passing judgement, or punishing anyone?

There are thousands of gods invented throughout history, and an infinite number of gods that one could imagine.

*(Begging the Question)
A majority of them cannot even be considered as gods as such. Very few of our world religions actually include the beliefs in gods. The biggest group consist paganism, animism and shamanism that more often worship spirits of different kinds rather than gods.


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