Has anyone here every thought about what if there happened to be a god. It doesn't really matter what god or what religion just if there is one. When you die what do you think they/him/her would say and how you would react? If they were a god that passed judgment, do you think that they would understand your reasons for not believing and forgive you or would they punish you without question?

I was raised Christian and while I don't believe anything they say, the above still crosses my mind quite often. I'm a musician and I get a lot of gigs playing for church services, especially around Christmas and Easter. It's hard not to listen to the sermon and try to understand their way of thinking during these times and these questions always pop into my mind during and after the service.

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If it doesn't matter what god or what religion than the possibilities could be endless. The implications could be absolutely nothing or eternal punishment. Either way if this God is determined to seal my fate in some kind of afterlife after I die, I doubt that anything I'd have to say would persuade him to do anything. Who says that even if there is a God there is an afterlife? It could be we still all just die and this God character stepped out of the picture a long time ago.

But if there was a God and an afterlife and in the afterlife I meet this God and this God was the type to pass judgment, I really have no freaking idea what it would do. Having lots of power and intelligence doesn't necessarily make God good or evil. If this God is the Christian God and basically follows all the basic conventions that Christianity teaches about him, then I guess I really wouldn't have anything to say to him at all. I might have fun and ask him if he can create a rock so massive he can't lift it, but it doesn't really make sense to me that a God who has seen your entire life and has already passed judgment on it and made his final decision by the time you come face-to-face with him would really care about anything you have to say to begin with. In fact, he would already know what you were going to say so there would be no point in you saying it.

But considering the extremely low chance that a God does exist, and that God does take some interest in human beings, and does happen to conform to only one out of thousands of formulations of him that have existed throughout history, I am statistically far more justified worrying about being good to avoid getting a coal in my Christmas stocking from Santa Claus.

In short, to me it's not really a question worth contemplating, since even if a God does exist, the possibilities are still infinite as to its implications.
Everybody needs to stop replying to this, for crying out loud!!!

I agree. This is tricky bordering on the "to convert" debate. Sowing the seeds of doubt.

What is your evidence that there is a god or Show Me Proof that there is a god are better title discussions more attuned to the non-theist mind.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence. - Carl Sagan
A curious mind asks questions. If anyone is going to be swayed by merely thinking about the possibility than something will eventually change their mind anyway. I would think most people who would have any hesitations about their non-faith would be afraid of even looking at this post. Unfortunately that's what people usually do. Seek out the comfortable and avoid anything that might chip at that shaky foundation.
Hey, it's alright to doubt, man. I was once a Christian too.

I just gotta say this...if there is a God who created all things, all wise, all knowing, all powerful, all loving, he would do something that makes us live better, while we are still here, of course. I believe life is sacred, because we only live once. If people think that life in heaven is much better, why bother living here on earth? Furthermore, do u think a loving God would be so mean that he chooses to be invisible and expect people to believe in him and when they don't, he punishes them...when they are dead! Come on now, does any of these even make sense to u? If u are a good person, I don't see why u deserve to be punished just because u don't believe in a deity. This is the kinda fear that religion has drilled into your head to keep u a faithful servant. Just give yourself sometime to relax and think with an open mind, I'm positive that u will find the answer.

I don't hate Christians or any religious person. I just feel that there is a need to let these people understand better about the reality and the natural world. As our technology and science advance, we know that God barely exists. Sure, there are still many things that we do not know but I'm confident that generations after generations, with intelligent and educated individuals will continue to explore and make this life on earth better for humanity to survive.
Religious types would probably feel miffed that whatever god turned out to be doesn't measure up to their specific idea of who god was. Imagine if it was Zeus all along, the Christians would demand to see Jesus and Zeus would be like "Er, will Hera do?" The poor muslims would probably lay a fatwah on Zeus for being unIslamic and allowing Hera to walk around in a slip of a dress.

Atheists would probably just say "You mean theres more life? Cooool. Lets party!"

As for any potential judgement, just live your life as if you are always being judged by those around you and any god worthy of judging humanity can't fail to be pleased by that. The real heaven and hell we are choosing between is what we make for ourselves here on Earth.. lets face it if everyone was on the same side instead of team Muhammad/Jesus/(insert prophet of choice here) then we would quickly find ways to meet most of humanity's basic needs.

For a preview of hell see any country cursed with Islamic sharia law. For a preview of heaven see any society where peoples happiness is encouraged rather than banned.
a lot of people have replied saying that that an atheist should not be asking this question. Frankly, making that assertion is almost as bad as what theists do, asserting that your belief is superior and asking questions contradictory to it should not be asked. I personally consider myself agnostic leaning atheist because while I believe it is highly arrogant for any person to think they know anything certainly, I suspect that there is no god. I myself have often asked myself this question, not because I am guilty for being atheist, but because it is always a possibility.
that's how nazi germany came to fruition
and nazi israel for that matter

why replay what leads to hatred and wars?
no labels no lies
no races no excuses

The Constitution plus modern tech reality = REALITY.
Now if only folks would see the connection between exploitation and religion-fear-book cooking. Religion causes families to turn on themselves after getting their pockets happily picked. What, WHAT!?
You mention how hard it is to listen to sermons, I would like to suggest if you haven't already to learn about cognitive bias and the dishonest and manipulative techniques they use in sermons. Then you will hear the sermons with different ear.

If there is a god such as the god of the old testament, then atheists are a damned group and we'll be in hell betting ice cubes on whose agony is worse than whose. It is more likely that all religions got god all wrong.
I don't think you can honestly call yourself an atheist though...

When I get on a scifi forum and ask, "What if you were an X-man, what would your power be?"

Does that mean I literally believe in X-men and mutant superpowers?

If not, how is it different for an avowed Atheist, on an Atheist-only forum, to honestly ask, with what I thought were plenty of qualifiers, "What if there was a god? What might it say to you? What might you say to it?"

Seems to me, the guts to ask such what-if-the-impossible questions is how many of us broke out of religion in the first place.
Exactly, what do we mean by 'free thinking' if we are afraid to ask question?
proudmumma atheist - Extremely well said.



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