Has anyone here every thought about what if there happened to be a god. It doesn't really matter what god or what religion just if there is one. When you die what do you think they/him/her would say and how you would react? If they were a god that passed judgment, do you think that they would understand your reasons for not believing and forgive you or would they punish you without question?

I was raised Christian and while I don't believe anything they say, the above still crosses my mind quite often. I'm a musician and I get a lot of gigs playing for church services, especially around Christmas and Easter. It's hard not to listen to the sermon and try to understand their way of thinking during these times and these questions always pop into my mind during and after the service.

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Well, even if there was a God, what makes you think that its the one in the Bible?? Why not Vishnu?? Or Allah?? Or any other dozen of names that depict God according to the culture that gave those names??
Its a human thing. The bible is a book of conflicting contradictions, if you ever really read that book you would only find one pissed off human being with some really super powers, and that is about it. Such a being couldn't possibly have created this universe, not on a rational or common sense thinking sense anyway. The bible god as is would of destroyed this planet and universe in one of his many insane fits long before now. The Bible God or the religions that are based on that book just does not make any sense, not according to the way nature works as we have observed it.

I wonder too. I know it's logicly impossible, but being raised Christian, I still get a little guilty and unsure. But then I remember how my parents try to convert me back and the guilt goes and I remember the fallaces of it and the doubt goes away.
We create God in our image and according to our own understanding, which why every religion is the world is so screwed up.

I came late to the discussion, and admit I haven't read all 45 pages of comments.  But my thoughts on your question are best summed up by this quote attributed to Marcus Aurelius:

‘Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you
should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be
gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories
of your loved ones.’


This is the best and most constructive response to the problem of the existence of a deity.

I love this! I also have not read the 45 pages, but this all made me think of "Smith's wager" which I came across while websurfing not too long ago.

1. The existence of a god, if we are to believe in it, can only be established through reason.
2. Applying the canons of correct reasoning to theistic belief, we must reach the conclusion that theism is unfounded and must be rejected by rational people.

More details are in the link, and the conclusion is:

1. If there's no god, you are correct.
2. If there's an indifferent god, you won't suffer in hell anyway.
3. If there's a just god, you have nothing to fear from the honest use of your reason.
4. If there's an unjust god, you have much to fear but so does the Christian.

I found it comforting.

If there is an unjust god, we have much to fear under any conditions.  Certainly it would make no sense at
all to attempt to propitiate it by sucking up - one might as well ignore it since it's response to kow-towing 
behavior will be unjust.     If, on the other hand, a just god existed, we might as well ignore it since no just, omnipotent,
omniscient being would deign to punish a mere mortal.    (unless, of course, that god was also vain, in the Judeo-Christian
sense, in which case we're truly screwed!)

Woody Allen suggested yet another premise:  What if a god exists; is benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient, but is also 
 an under-achiever?  

"Woody Allen suggested yet another premise: What if a god exists; is benevolent, omnipotent and omniscient, but is also an under-achiever? "


LOL!! yeah, I like that quote too ;)


Sounds like you have the same anxieties I had.

Though I never believed, for most of my life I was afraid to admit it.

I did not become an atheist overnight, or because I think it's radical, or for reading a book.

This has taken years, why? Because I want to be 100% satisfied with my belief, afterall,

it's nothing less than my own "soul" we are talking about here. What if I die suddenly tomorrow!?


If there were even the slightest shread of evidence, not proof, just evidence, or even a really good

philisophical argument for the christian god, I would know it, and take it very seriously.


You see, I always WANTED to believe.


My theist friends told me to pray. So, I prayed (though I did feel a bit silly!).

Does god not say in the bible that he will answer our prayers?


But I did not pray for material things, I prayed to god simply for the power of belief and faith.

Humbled and begging for him to at least guide me to the right path.

Even coming to me in a dream woud be nice, I could take it from there.


But, guess what, god never answered my prayers. No hint, no dream, nothing.

I was not expecting a "miracle", just asking for something very basic.

Since god wants us to believe and have faith, I would certainly think that this would be

the one prayer he would answer.

Nothing doing!!


My theist friends pray. They say their prayers are "heard", they avoid saying their prayers were


My christian friends have ailments, sickness, deaths of family and friends, etc. just like I do.


Yet, for all their love and devotion to god, not a single one of their prayers have been answered.


Dont be afraid to let go of the religion that has been a fixture your whole life.

It has done no one a bit of good other then being the incentive for fear and guilt.

Just trust and believe in your self :)

Another problem, one that philosophers have struggled with for eons, is that "god" is a nedulus concept.

What exactly does one MEAN when they say god? What attributes should we expect this god to have?


If you randomly assemble a group of theist's, you may well get several interprations and arguments about which concept is correct.

Theist's know they cant all be correct; so they rationalize their personal belief to be the true one, at the total exclusion of all others.


It makes me think of a Homer Simpson quote:


"Suppose we have chosen the WRONG god, every time we go to church, we are making him madder and madder" :)


This just illustrates the sillyness of it all to me :)

If you're questioning because there is some guilt hidden away, then you are not free from the brainwashing of your christian background.

If it's just a hypothetical question (like what if our genitals were located on our palms*) Then we'd first have to establish WHICH god. The Desert God? Then he/she/it would certainly be cool with my non-belief. He created me with a critical mind. It would be a gift from the Sky-Pixie that he'd probably be pretty pissed off about if I let it lay dormant to follow Paul's Dogma.

*Handshakes would be either AWESOME or really really awkward.

*Hi five on that one!.... wait!!!! :-(




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