Has anyone here every thought about what if there happened to be a god. It doesn't really matter what god or what religion just if there is one. When you die what do you think they/him/her would say and how you would react? If they were a god that passed judgment, do you think that they would understand your reasons for not believing and forgive you or would they punish you without question?

I was raised Christian and while I don't believe anything they say, the above still crosses my mind quite often. I'm a musician and I get a lot of gigs playing for church services, especially around Christmas and Easter. It's hard not to listen to the sermon and try to understand their way of thinking during these times and these questions always pop into my mind during and after the service.

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just think of all of the people who became priests, monks, nuns and alike; might they be taking advantage of the believers?
I would beg to differ on this. Having been raised Christian doubt is one of the most common things anyone in any church I ever went to had to deal with. The thing was that the church knew how to manipulate their doubt into being the surest sign that god was real. Basically because you doubt his existence then you are closer too him for trying to hold onto your faith. That proves he is real and part of your life.
That generally worked for most of them, but just got me p!$$#@ off because it was a lame answer.
So even among the religious what if is something they encounter and completely acceptable for a non-believer.
Basically because you doubt his existence then you are closer too him for trying to hold onto your faith.

And maybe also because doubt is a sure sign of the devil at work? Yet another one tossed out there is that 'persecution' (i.e.; someone disagrees with them) is a sure sign that they must be right because they're getting under our heathen nerves.

Without hypothetical situations, doubt, and acceptance of the possibility of outcomes you don't want where would science, no where would civilization be? Pure stagnation. It's perfectly fine for someone to ask these things.

If it was the Christian god, then I would have a few questions and comments for that asshole. I would rather go to Hell with my head held high, then compromise my intergrity. Besides, all of the good people will be there anyway.

Really though, I don't ponder such things. It is highly unlikely that a god exists and even more unlikely there being a Christian god.

Right now you are probrably agnostic and that's okay.
I agree. I bow to no one....I don't care how powerful that being is. If there is a god, he is an ass to create such a place, and have everyone kiss his ass or to hell they go. What an egotistical fucker. That's evil.
The whole god thing is not even logical. I just don't even get it.
"What an egotistical fucker."

That may well be the best description of God I've ever heard.
You mean you're not into Kissing Hank's Ass?!? SHAME on you!
I'd say I'm agnostic but definitely getting towards atheist. I agree that the existence of any god is highly unlikely. It's just a question I've thought about before. It's not something that crosses my mind hardly ever, but it did more so when I was first starting to lean towards agnostic and atheist. I was just curious what some others thought since I don't really know anyone that is also an atheist.
Yeah, exactly...who would want to live for eternity anyways?
It would be cool if we could regenerate though!! That would be awesome...to die, but regenerate into another identity. That would be kick ass!! But, yea, I'm only 32 and I feel like I've been alive for ever...I can't imagine always being around...always being me...ugh.
I do.




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