One of the biggest questions asked of us who have publicly announced that we are non-believers is "What if your wrong?" Here's my theory: The story goes that god forgives those that ask for it right? Or if we are truly sorry then we will be forgiven and won't go to hell. If that's the case and we're wrong, will we be forgiven by christian and catholic logic? It makes no sense to me because I can ask a "believer" the exact same question and they will dance around it or just plainly say "I'm not wrong, GOD is real and your going to hell" (Kinda rude but ok lol)... Just trying to pick a few brains here. 

P.S. I was asked this question 2 days ago and thought i'd get a few opinions. 

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That's right!

'What if we are wrong?" is a question that can be relevant only if there is any chance of our being wrong. We would not even be here if there was any chance of our being wrong. Everyone has been intimidated since our childhood with so much fear of god that we would not have dared to be atheists if we were not fully convinced about our thoughts. Even the agnostics believe that there no god but we need more proof for this. 

There are believers believing in several different gods, each group stupidly saying that my god is true god because he himself says so but your god is a false god even if he says that he is true. Atheist do not believe in any god and therefore they are not susceptible to such stupidity.

Madhukar, I agree. Knowing there is not enough evidence anywhere to reveal a superhuman power exists, or that a personal god exists, I am fully confident I return to atoms and exist as energy. It doesn't end because of death, it changes form. Becoming nutrients for soil is a splendid ending.

My third time in this forum, Shavante. Please pardon that.

The question of "what if we are wrong?" has to be looked at in the context of the Christian Bible, or some other earthly "holy book." Without that knowledge, God (if God exists) is not instructing anyone or wanting to send them anywhere. Without that knowledge God never talks to you and doesn't care about you. This is why we say God does not exist. He exists in the pages of these many books. (God healed an amputee yesterday. Yep, his hand just grew back!)

Now the question of Hell comes up. The original comparison was to "gehenna," the ever burning garbage dump outside of Jerusalem. The fire never goes out and the trash is simply burned up. The trash doesn't burn forever, but the fire does. Before long the Christians had this allegory turned into a whopper, and also made comparisons to "sheol" which is the grave. If the writings say "God will not leave my soul in Hell" it is assumed that everybody goes there, but you won't stay there. This gave special favors to the Catholics for "pergatory" and sparked "rapture" and "second coming"for the fundamentalists. Jesus was coming again for the faithful in their lifetime, but it never happened. Enter the Christian gullible to extend the time frame for the event.

Now we add the "soul" into this picture. Everybody is worried about their own personal soul and where it goes when you die, etc. What about your soul? Aren't you worried about you soul? Religionists have a field day with this, but YOU are the soul. You are a living soul and someday you will be a dead soul.

It's all as simple as that, but nobody wants to die so they made this all up! The "God" of the Bible is not very credible. I'm not worried about being wrong.

Wonderful reply Joan. Every believer has to say "My god is the true god and your god is false god" to justify his faith. Atheists are the wise people who do not fall in this trap.

You're goin' to Hell, honey!  But only if you believe this silly stuff!  The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church says you are damned!

Look up the atheists wager, a variation of Pascal's wager based on the assumption that God is good.

I'd believe he's REAL, before I'd believe he's GOOD!  If real, we'd throw him in prison for life (or infinity, HIS choice)!  You know, killing all those babies and such.




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