One of the biggest questions asked of us who have publicly announced that we are non-believers is "What if your wrong?" Here's my theory: The story goes that god forgives those that ask for it right? Or if we are truly sorry then we will be forgiven and won't go to hell. If that's the case and we're wrong, will we be forgiven by christian and catholic logic? It makes no sense to me because I can ask a "believer" the exact same question and they will dance around it or just plainly say "I'm not wrong, GOD is real and your going to hell" (Kinda rude but ok lol)... Just trying to pick a few brains here. 

P.S. I was asked this question 2 days ago and thought i'd get a few opinions. 

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I believe so too. If he's up there, what is he doing? If he hears all, sees all and knows all, why when people pray for good, it doesn't come? Not until they make it happen and then give god all the credit.

I feel the whole "GOD" myth was created to justify all that could not be explained to those who were afraid to ask & answer their own questions. but well said Tonya :) 

pascal's wager? i think it's called.. Greydon Square's lyrics have tons of come backs etc.. or factual answers etc..

but the whole thing is a joke.. this is the true reason for faith-based stuff (superficial?mind control):

folks done missed the boat(s) on modern day realities imho.
like the 80 year old italian woman said (sharp as a razor) "..we don't do the religion thing anymore.. it's so passe" regards to her son dying. strange, so many folks have no idea of the freethought movements.. they latch on to the unitarian stuff.. or whatever because they still like the .. regiment? I broke out about 85...
literally argued my way out of privy school about 89.. peace!
life's too short for letting a myth control your thoughts and deeds in life. f em' if they can't take it.. go visit pakistan or whatever overrun nation... overrun by fundies.

agno aye? don't waste your time searching for those wasted years ' iron maiden track ha...
but seriously.. do you bother to spend time looking for that omnipotent .. thing? in space that everyone wishes to see after they're dead and just taking up space at grave? people can be labeled conceited in that aspect imho. in reality the whole thing is a $cam game; and genocides galore; peace.

religion is like corporations.. trying to hijack all dope arts! say word sin! ; )

Well aren't you knowledgeable Jim.. Nicely done

I would have ask the the person who posed the question how they knows their religion is the "right" one.  If they are Christian they can choose from around 38000 denominations and many of these disagree on articles of faith.  Ask them why:

Some Christians believe that salvation requires good works and faith other believe only faith is required.

Some believe that once a person is saved they cannot lose their salvation but other believe you can lose it.

Some Christians believe the rapture will happen others do not.  

These are just a few of the arguments among Christians but their bible is so contradictory and open to interpretation that each group can defend it's belief using the scripture within.

Ask them why god has never make it clear which Christianity is the authentic Christianity. 

All the different religions can't be right but they can all be wrong.


Very well said. My insurance lady says that we should all believe in God and the Bible "just in case." (I guess that is good insurance to her.) As a freethinker who has read the Bible from cover to cover, it's my understanding that this kind of "faith" just won't work. God will spew you out of his mouth. You have to believe this crap without reasoning or questioning. "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it" is plain and pure BS! While I cannot claim no deities exist without any doubt, I can most certainly claim that deity is not proven or explained within the pages of the Judaeo Christian bible and all of it's fables. What is there to be wrong about?

I think the question only makes sense to someone who has already willingly partaken of a large glass of the kool-aid. From this perspective, only a fool would turn their back on god, heaven or possibly a large box of crystal raisins. It could only carry weight if you truly believed god existed.

Anyone seeking the truth, without having previously experienced the epiphany, must begin at ground zero. They must ask themselves not only "what do I know?", but also "what does it mean to say I know?" Starting there, without benefit of the elusive epipheny, logic reveals a dearth of evidence in favor of god.  Honestly seeking the truth is not something one must apologize for. Speaking the truth as one sees it is a respectable way to live. Of course, one must be sure to only speak for themselves. Not finding god is not proof god does not exist. While we can speak of our shared non-experience with god, we cannot say we've proven god does not exist. The accumulation of shared non-experience will speak for itself; not as proof, but the weight of consensus.

I do not live my life in fear that god may punish me for lacking faith. I put my faith in the belief that any god would want me to use my reason to speak the truth, as I know it. If someday I get the golden ticket I reserve the right to change my mind, irregardless of the consensus of others. At that time, I will continue to speak the truth as I know it, even if I appear inconsistent.

I've usually asked the same question back to the zealot who is brave (or rude) enough to ask it.

I then explain that they are the one being arrogant by assuming that the god who rules the universe is also the same god you ask to help the Packers win the Superbowl ( or make me not late to work, or help me find the car any trivial situation here). What kind of arrogance does that take!? If your god exists and he can excuse you for this kind of hubris, I'm sure he'll forgive me for believing in reality.
Basically using "God" as a crutch and a scape goat

Agreed - to me religion = abdication of responsibility. If things go well he/she gets credit and if they go badly, I am being tested. What a great gig! Talk about win win for the god thing.




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