For some time now whenever I do t Google on Atheist Nexus, half of t first page is items on some controversy. I used to post here more frequently . And I did often feel hounded. But it was by no means any controversy or even significantly more opposition to my minority opinions than I expected.

The Dawkins site has had problems that were to go way up t court system. Yet one has to dig quite a bit to find anything about any of that.

I can't imagine that Google has anything against AN particularly.Can anyone explain what t deal is.


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Not certain what you're talking about.  Some examples would be nice, perhaps a screen dump of a Google search which supports your statement.

For myself, I've seen the occasional heated argument here on A|N.  Most times it was either a theist who snuck in (and was summarily disposed of) or someone who was so convinced of his or her own rectitude that rational discussion of the topic was not possible.  Whether they show up on Google's radar or not, I really couldn't care less.

I'm not sure about AN and any "controversy" but the word itself means "disagreement, particularly when long, public, and heated." To read here (or just hear about) "teach the controversy" the reference is to school children being taught evolution in science classes without the bible idea of creationism by "intelligent design" getting equal mention as to how we all got here. If this is allowed then:
1. Science class will no longer be a science class.
2. Ideas of some groups theology will be taught in school.
Not only is this against the law, it is also against the constitution. You have every right to teach your theology, but not in a public funded school system. Just because Baptists and Pentecostals want this doesn't make it right. Many other religions are out here in the world. What about teaching their holy books idea of creationism?
America is a melting pot of every person in our world from every place in the world. Our laws cover everybody here. Our schools do not teach theology unless they are schools of theology. Public schools do not and cannot teach your religion. If this is what you want taught, then do it in your place or worship or start your own private school!
It's all about as simple as that.

After reading Loren's post I realize that I may have mistaken what you were trying to say. That doesn't make my post wrong, but it might make it off topic to what you are asking about. Specific examples here from you would be nice. Then we could go on from there.

After actually Googling the following - "Atheist Nexus" controversy - I think I see what Paul is talking about.  The controversy as I see it surrounded the initial emergence of A|N back in 2008, as elucidated in Atheist Revolution and PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog.  Based purely on the date, I have to say that this is old news and not worth our concern.

Atheist Nexus is now at least six years old and a thriving, active atheist community.  Anyone who wants to doubt how atheistic A|N is can come here and look for themselves.

Loren you are exactly correct! I followed your links to find old news of a site changing hands and it has nothing to do with Atheist Nexus today nor anything to do with Richard Haynes. This is not worth our concern.

Yeah. That's it. Thanks Loren.Those two and a few others like that take up half of page one when I Google A.N..

That A.N. is somehow a front for christians always seemed like ludicrous red herrings to me as well from my understanding of this site. I still can't get over why this still dominates page one of Google. But I suppose that is simply due to my limited understanding of how Google works precisely.

That's all. And thanks again to all for responding




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