What, in your opinion, is the best or most effective argument FOR the existence of god?

I was so curious as to the opinions of others about this question, that I had to come back on here and ask (I have been gone from here for about a month and a half or so, have been extremely sidetracked and disillusioned; I keep jumping from different activities as my mainstays, so there for a while I was on here for 6 hours a day, then I got burned out and went to reading for several hours a day).

So what is the best or most effective argument for the existence of god? I would have to say that, in my opinion, I think it would have be the teleological argument, or the argument from design. Even with the challenge of having to explain *against* natural mechanisms of self-structuring (like Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking that Victor Stenger talks about in God: The Failed Hypothesis), or all of the flaws, errors, and irregularities in the "creation" itself, and its seeming randomness and majority lack of order. (I always find myself wondering about what we know must exist way out there in space; why create that?) This seems to go hand in hand with the constants argument (I know there must be some other name for it), you know, where they talk about the dials being just so that we're in a Goldilocks zone.

Anyways, what's your take on this?

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I was never presented with an "effective argument" so much as my grandmother showing me the verses in her big, cloth-covered Bible where it said to stone unruly children to death.

I gotta say, that argument had me convinced for a couple decades. It doesn't seem to have an official name like Ontological or Teleological, but I think it's actually the most common (or something slightly less obvious, like the threat of hell).
Seriously crazy as it may sound but the best evidence to me would be an actual presence. If god were talking to me and to everyone else (it's not quite the same if you're the only one!) and commanding us and all other sorts of old testament-type behavior, then, ok, I would guess he's real.

However, it's in our minds as humans to find a cause to everything and the one thing we can't handle is not knowing. And if we can't explain something naturally, we will find any way we can. Our observation turns to caution turns to paranoia turns to awe and reverence of what we wish to be




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