What is a favorite non-theist book of yours or what are you reading now?

I was happy to find "The Six Ways of Atheism" at my library. When I checked out this book, a young male librarian asked if I was doing a project for school (uh, it's summer time, meat head). I told him it was for my own personal self and the turned away with a disgusted look that was priceless! He didn't even say good-bye! As I walked away I told him this was a great book and that I recommend he reads it (of course I hadn't read it yet).     


My two favorites are Dan Barker's Losing Faith in Faith and David Mills' Atheist Universe.

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There's so many I could put here.  I like Dan Barker's "Losing Faith in Faith", Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion".  I'll have to buy that Mills' book "Atheist Universe'.  Sounds really good.
I have a bunch of Atheist books on my wish list on Amazon.  Now -- all I need is more hours in the day! : )
The Varieties of Scientific Experience by Carl Sagan... or really anything Carl wrote... I do love the way that mans mind worked. :)




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