What is a favorite non-theist book of yours or what are you reading now?

I was happy to find "The Six Ways of Atheism" at my library. When I checked out this book, a young male librarian asked if I was doing a project for school (uh, it's summer time, meat head). I told him it was for my own personal self and the turned away with a disgusted look that was priceless! He didn't even say good-bye! As I walked away I told him this was a great book and that I recommend he reads it (of course I hadn't read it yet).     


My two favorites are Dan Barker's Losing Faith in Faith and David Mills' Atheist Universe.

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I have a modest collection of good Atheist reads.  Some Dawkins like the God Dillusion and The Greatest show on Earth, but I also recommend Jared Diamond and the Atheist Manifesto.  Hitchens is good too, but can get somewhat tedious, as he repeats himself a lot.  His videos are much better.  Presently I am reading both collected works of Ben Franklin, (not really the true Atheist, but a great Humanist), and Thomas Paine.  The Age of Reason should be required reading for all American Atheists, but first read Common Sense to get you into the spirit of the times.  It really sparked the American Revolution, and set the stage for a secular nation, to be free to believe what ever crazy stuff you want.

   Really make me wonder how we got to where we are today!!!

I am glad I am not the only one who finds Hitchen's style a little difficult. I was beginning to question my intellect and choice of literature.
"The Evolution of God" by Robert Wright. While not a per se atheist work (Wright tends to believe, though not in the modern form of gods worshiped by organized religion) he does a good job of showing how the present Abrahamic religions evolved from the polytheism contained in the old testament, through christianity, islam, and into the modern form such belief takes today. I'd certainly recommend it.
I do like how he acknowledges that religions have taken pieces from other religions. Some seem to claim their religion is 100% from the mouth of their god although they have similar stories.

"The Evolution of God" by Robert Wright"  how the present Abrahamic religions evolved from the polytheism. 

sounds good. will look into it.

I'm currently on the third of three books written by Bill Bryson, who walks here and there and has wickedly funny observations of modern life.


I think Dawkins's "The God Delusion" is quite excellent, although I like Harris's stuff as well.

Atheism: The Case Against God (Skeptic's Bookshelf) [Paperback]

George H. Smith 

yes, i did mention de sade, but not seriously. but his tongue is about as  caustic on religion as it gets.


I enjoyed "Why Evolution is True" also.  I thought Coyne did a great job arguing the case and had a lot of examples to back up his argument.  His analysis of vestigial organs in different species, including our own, was fascinating.
One of my favorites is Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. It is more about skepticism and critical thinking at times than about atheism but it had a lot of influence in my ideas about religion and is done in a very non-offensive manner. A great book to suggest for friends that you know are probably atheists but haven't quite admitted it to themselves yet.

Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.

thought i had read all of sagan's books. i will have to check that one out. will do.

but great book on non-theism. well, ...

so many great quips and quotes from everybody like mark twain to hawkings.

but where is a writer like cynical ferdinand celine or drunken bukowski or wired h.thompson. or obscene derisions from burroughs or callous lines from vidal, or vicious diatribes from the afore mentioned de sade. where is some great writer that has a journey of an atheist with the heart of a poet? someone who gets lost at sea but can be found washed ashore at some cuban cabanna or madagascar bar. some j. conrad who knows what to do with a poison arrow and how to apply it best to a jungle missionary.

is there one who can actually write as well as reason?

still looking.



I only started reading it a little while ago and am hesitant to recommend it because I haven't finished it, but in reading your post I would suggest The Good Book: A Humanist Bible by AC Grayling. Parts of it are very beautiful, its made me want to cry. I do find it at times to mirror the bible too much. The message is different but the word flow can feel a lot like reading the bible which I find to be either attractive or unattractive depending upon my mood. At least the beginning is a great read, though.
Favorite...Christopher Hitchens' - "The God Delusion"



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