It's wonderful that we can have so many friends, that we have never met. I'm wondering what do we mean by 'friend'? What is the etiquette for friends?

What does an A|N friend mean to you? Do friends get birthday presents? :-)

There will be as many answers as there are people on A|N. I'm interested in what people have to say.

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A|N is a much more compelling experience for me.

I can log-off anytime... really I can.
It's rare for me to add people to my friend's list. It's also rare for me to instigate one on one communication with anyone I haven't had time to get comfortable with. I'm the sort of person that's fairly shy socially, but once you get to know me (or pass me a drink) morph into The Chatterer. I just don't like feeling as if I've forced the babbling creature you wind up with on anyone.

There is a portion of my friend's list on A/N consisting of people I know personally. The rest I've included as an open invitation to pm me, read my blog, leave comments on my profile, etc. In other words, my A/N friends are either people I already know, or those I'd be open to getting to know better.


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