It's wonderful that we can have so many friends, that we have never met. I'm wondering what do we mean by 'friend'? What is the etiquette for friends?

What does an A|N friend mean to you? Do friends get birthday presents? :-)

There will be as many answers as there are people on A|N. I'm interested in what people have to say.

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I'm also very long distances away from my famdamnily and friends. Eons ago, before Facebook existed, I started a LiveJournal to "keep in touch" when I went back to college, and knew I wouldn't have time to write or call.

Then, I would get the occasional frenzied note from a friend or family member, asking if I was o.k., because they hadn't heard from me in a while. Head, meet desk.

If I could make some friends who don't have their head up their arse so far all they can hear is the rumbling of their own bowels, I would be most pleased. Family is a case of I can't live with them, and can't shoot them.

I'm much better at talking on the phone, or in person, because I am so overextended with unanswered email/letters, and my brain takes off on unauthorized ADD inspired flights of fancy.
I'm much better at talking on the phone, or in person, because I am so overextended with unanswered email/letters, and my brain takes off on unauthorized ADD inspired flights of fancy.

Wow, are you in my head? This is exactly what I've been going through. But once I did get some old friends on the phone I remember why I didn't cry when the lines were cuts all those years ago.
It this why Gir is our hero/heroine? Do Irkan robots have gender?
Should have written "He had been busy having constant cleavage".
Ack! I joined, too. One person insisted that we had been BFF, and honestly, I don't remember that. So many of the people who have contacted me never left my hometown. I left mine at 18, also thinking I wouldn't be back.. In so many cases, it seems like they want to be entertained. I just don't have the energy.

I know why I wanted to reconnect. It became meaningful to me, for a while, that I should find someone from my past who I could relate to as I am now. Didn't happen. I left the welcome mat out, but I'm not trying to track down old friends like I used to.

I reckon I'm better off trying to meet people on A|N, where I know that no one's head will explode when I tell them I'm an atheist.
You don't remember signing the release forms?
This is not the same as the suffering and joy that one goes through over many years of friendship with face to face relations.


I'm doing volunteer work in the community, and have good relations with my immediate neighbors, but this has not (so far) netted me any new, local friends. Some of that comes from living in a rural area. I do have one atheist friend that I met via, but she lives about two hours drive away.

I reckon that A|N continues to grow, and more people continue to join, so its just a matter of time before I meet someone(s) who live in my area. Also, I think A|N can be a useful tool for organizing local atheist community. Doesn't cost to be a member, for one.
I've been wondering the same thing for a while now and have been hesitant to "add" anyone. I think it's for like minded non-theists to connect off-forum After reading many comments from different members, I guess it's time to find out what "friends" are all about. Here goes...
"I guess it's time to find out what "friends" are all about. Here goes..."

Apparently, it's about getting a request from someone you aren't sure you've heard of, research a few of their posts, decide based on their comment that they're fairly cool and hit the friend button.

Yeah, the way it works here on A/N is a little superficial and silly but it does allow people to pm each other.

Wow, interesting answers. I suppose there are degrees of friendship within friends. There are people on my A|N friends list who I have chatted to once and some I chat to daily. Some have migrated to my Facebook account and 1 or 2 are people I talk to offline and will meet in person when the opportunity arises. What I have noticed of the responders so far, is that I don't recognise them from the chat box. Most of my A|N friends were made there. Whilst I can get an impression of the A|Ners from posts and discussions, the real time chatting fills out their personalities and makes them more 'real' to me.

Some of the most interesting people I ever 'met', I met here, so for me a 'friend' online is as good as the 'real thing'. - Engage my mind and I'm hooked. You all know Felch, right?
I would be hesitant to hang out w/ anyone I met online. Unless it were a group of people and we were meeting in a public place.
Have you tried getting them on IM or finding a meet up?

When I first moved up here my roommate and I used forum meet ups and event announcements to meet people. Almost all of my friends up here I met due to the network the local forums created.




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