I am not internet savvy. I do not know what a gift is.  I am sure there are.others out there as ignorant as I.

I believe it would be good to explain what a gift is on this site.  I like gifts.????

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Just what I always wanted: a puddy-cat in a hammock!

My daughter hates it when I revert to Spanish. Que?

I'm on sites where it say you can "give somebody a gift" and it's anything from pictures of flowers, coffee, etc. and things right into giving a hug or a kiss. Personally I think it's very juvenile. Imagine a pile of money in a gif pic and I said I had given you a million dollars. I never give gifts.

Michael, thank you for the explanation. I sometimes threaten to send friends a "gift" of a selfie. I do not actually often do this as it may be construed as an act of terrorism!!
To rephrase you just to make sure I understand it correctly. A gift is something virtual that isn't really a gift. Kinda like when Christians say that Jesus was sacrificed for us,but was resurrected and therefore he wasn't an ACTUAL sacrifice. Of course, makes perfect since.

That's it Compelledunbeliever. Internet site "gifts" are all virtual just like JC is virtual. Of course, that means none of it is real. The fact that we can run programs on virtual drives and they work might be why believers continue to insist that sky daddy is real but he just lives in another universe. In reality that doesn't work.

The basic reason that gods get "worshiped" is the promise of eternal life.

Michael, Perhaps I should  create a Penelope Cruz cult. She is at least real and verifiable. Of course we really need yet another religion to waste our time with. All b.s. aside I really connected with you analogy and conclusion. I therefore proffer a real since of gratitude as opposed to a virtual one.

Some virtual things do fulfill the functions of their real counterparts. Virtual memory -- a breakthrough that became standard in computing -- lets you use a "small" amount of physical memory while letting programs/apps "think" they have much more, by automagically remapping addresses and moving data to and from secondary storage such as a hard drive (swap files, paging files...). Similarly, virtual drives look like regular disk drives even though they're not.

Santa Claus is virtual. There's no physical way one bearded guy in a red suit can be present at thousands of malls simultaneously to listen to requests -- or deliver all those presents in one night without getting burnt to a crisp from atmospheric friction -- but kids do find their presents on Christmas morning. (The implementation is quite imperfect, though: kids in poor families get a lot less than kids in wealthier families!)

JC and other sky daddies are virtual, if you're willing to drastically adjust your expectations or make excuses (as believers tend to do!). The power of human beings acting in their gods' name is quite real!

Grinning cat, I remember the catch phrase "the power of God" was real popular when I was young. He had the power to create the universe but people had to build the church!

P.S. according to the bible there is only one true virtual sky daddy. A'n I know it's true cuz it says so! (But not really if you actually read it!) ;)

JC and other sky daddies are virtual, ....

Whoa there, GC!

The virtual stuff on my computer does a lot of stuff.

JC and other sky daddies do nothing; they are less than virtual. They aren't even virtually virtual.

The inspiration of learning and exploring that I got from college professors are the best that I have ever received!

Psychology has many talks on how the wanting is higher than the having.

Forgive my ignorance. What do you mean by "psychology has Many talks on how the wanting is higher than the having"? What is ment by "higher"?

Here are a few of the graphs on it, us math guys

This one is the wanting vs having.

This one is the consumption vs fulfillment.




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