I've noticed this thing with texting ever since my wife left. I had never texted before and it doesn't seem easy, but everybody is doing it. I found a girl online that wanted me to text her. I was learning then, and it lasted for about a day. (Damn, now I think she is texting somebody else.)  LOL

   Online dating sites have all these ads but the posters do not want you to call them. You should text them instead. Some claim they will not answer calls. Many phone plans today have unlimited calling, so the fact that texting is cheaper cannot be the only reason for this.

   There appears to be something about texting that makes everybody feel so special. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but you see people walking along smiling down at the phone in their hands and texting away. You can't even talk to somebody without the bastard texting on his phone at the same time. Always smiling and texting away, how do these people keep their jobs?

   I can't even call my daughter on the phone because she will not answer it, but she will return a text. My daughter talks like a magpie, so you figure that one out?

   Magic words appear on a screen out of nowhere and you get a feeling of being special. Someone loves you or cares about you, and I can't help thinking it is the same feeling that theists get by being a part of their christian community. Texting is almost becoming sacred.

   Anyone have any input on this?


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I was asleep but got back up. I thought I heard my phone buzz, and that someone had texted me. Well, I guess not. Back to bed again. LOL

Michael, be careful about online dating. I'm not saying don't do it. Just go into it with eyes wide open. A number of sites have 'plants.' Profiles of people who are not real. The site itself is contacting you to get you to text a pretend person; and the text is an added charge and/or fee. In other words, a scam to pick your pocket. There are legitimate dating sites out there, and I have actually dated some real life ladies I've met on these sites, and had a wonderful time. There's also some real frauds out there.

Research any given one thoroughly before you shell out any $$$ to get on it. Let's face it, people who are looking for companionship and/or a relationship have the potential of being easy prey. Here's one research suggestion. I'm sure there are many more. Good luck.

Thanks Pat. I remember a few years ago when Craigslist was 95 % real. Today it's 97% false. The come-on for it is ads that are said to be women but they talk and think like men, wanting things that only men would want openly. What happens here is that you get an e-mail from someone so "shy" and reserved that they have to have you "verify" or join a site where they keep all their information (my info is in my mind) or you "register" and be checked out, etc. We are talking your name, your e-mail, and possibly your credit card here, so they are mining information just because they are suddenly afraid of the CL Killer. I would suppose that these people might not even be women, and that they get money so much for a "hit" and then so much more for a "sign up." Meanwhile, you got the shaft.

This same type thing is now happening in DateHookup as well. Times are hard and people get into this as a way of making money. After all, it's working 24/7 for them even when they are asleep.

I joined a dating service for a month.  After that they wanted something like $30/month to continue.  No way.  Especially because I never got any responses during the month because I was too honest.  For one thing, not many atheist women my age in this town, and I will settle for nothing less.

In many dating services you might join because you see others there from your area, but once you join you find that they are gone. It is simply an empty profile. What has happened here is that they paid money also to find an "empty" site. Maybe a few robots. As long as the profiles remain they serve to "sucker" others in.

I’ve done that too, paid to join a site, but it didn’t take long before it became a money funnel. First I paid to join the site, then I had to pay more money to have a “privileged membership” profile, then I had to pay money to have only a select group view my profile, and on some I had to pay money to respond to someone who initially wrote to me! At one point I was paying $42 a month. It was crazy and stupid. So I started using free sites. Sure, it took longer to fine someone who had similar interests but it worked. Something cupid (I don't know if I can use the name on here) was the last one I used and it worked fairly well.

I've heard good things about okcupid.com ... and there's no reason not to name it on here!

Texting:  Never could see the appeal.  

Me and my brother texted each other once, just to see if we were missing something.  Not missing anything as far as I can see.  

It's a pain in the keester.  I've large fingers and the keyboard is exceedingly small.  Errors abound.

I agree with you, Spud. It's not for me.

I mostly got into texting via the neat woman who is now my wife, and after several years of exchanging words on a phone screen, I can see where it has its utility.  "Leaving for home now.  Can you turn on the oven?" or "I got the account!  Let's celebrate!" or any one of a zillion other messages which may or may not rate a phone call have made texting a handy tool for us both.

I am bothered by the whole "texting while driving" business, though.  I have done a bit using a "hands-free" app, but the voice recognition function of my phone, though pretty good, is a distance from perfect, so I avoid texting behind the wheel wherever possible.  As it works out, that's probably 95% of the time.

It's a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used, overused, or abused.

I can see your reason although it doesn't apply to me.  How long did it take you to learn to text without making too many errors due to the small keyboard?

Actually, I've done pretty well on small keyboards, especially back when all I had was a not-so-smart phone.  I've had more problems with a touch-screen keyboard, but I'm learning.  Also, my new phone has voice-recognition texting which, while not perfect, does allow me to dictate a message rather than type it.

The typing is like any other skill.  You're lousy at it to start and you get better as you practice.  No big thing.


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