I've noticed this thing with texting ever since my wife left. I had never texted before and it doesn't seem easy, but everybody is doing it. I found a girl online that wanted me to text her. I was learning then, and it lasted for about a day. (Damn, now I think she is texting somebody else.)  LOL

   Online dating sites have all these ads but the posters do not want you to call them. You should text them instead. Some claim they will not answer calls. Many phone plans today have unlimited calling, so the fact that texting is cheaper cannot be the only reason for this.

   There appears to be something about texting that makes everybody feel so special. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but you see people walking along smiling down at the phone in their hands and texting away. You can't even talk to somebody without the bastard texting on his phone at the same time. Always smiling and texting away, how do these people keep their jobs?

   I can't even call my daughter on the phone because she will not answer it, but she will return a text. My daughter talks like a magpie, so you figure that one out?

   Magic words appear on a screen out of nowhere and you get a feeling of being special. Someone loves you or cares about you, and I can't help thinking it is the same feeling that theists get by being a part of their christian community. Texting is almost becoming sacred.

   Anyone have any input on this?


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Texting and driving is INSANE! There should be a law against it with very stiff fines.

I have noticed women at stop lights, looking down between their legs and smiling as they seem to be doing something with their hands. I see 2 possibilities. They are either playing with themselves or texting.

There ARE laws ... now, anyway, in Ohio, and I'm in complete agreement with them.

I would be too because they would save lives. My wife used to tell me that she never talked on her cell phone while driving. I found that to be a lie. Now that she has discovered texting I can assume she is doing this while driving also. We need laws to protect people. What about the carload of innocents that the idiot texter runs into?

I'm hermit-y also and understand those reasons.  I like sending e-mails instead of talking on the phone or sending letters, but regrettably none of my family uses e-mails much. 

I still don't think I'll try learning to type on that *!~^*#`frikindy-fragin small keyboard though.  Just isn't worth it for the limited use I would have for it.  Probably twice/year.

Melinda, so far, when typing in names & numbers in the directory, I use my fingernails on my pointer finger.  Less mistakes that way.  Ha!  

I used to know a guy that could type on a typewriter faster than me, and he only used his two pointer fingers.

Spud, I use a little rubber ended thing that you hold like a pencil. I think it's called a stylex?? You may be able to find one at a computer supply store for free. Mine is a pen on one end and was given to me by a local computer repair company. Makes texting much easier.

Very good idea K.h. ky.  Why didn't I think of that?

I see the point, Mindy, but texting is really not easy and is only for short messages. Your daughter's answer about people her age preferring texting to talking is now becoming the norm. That's the part that I do not understand and has a lot to do with why I started this blog in the first place. The fad used to be a machine that talks to you. Now it is a machine that writes to you.

Both of my daughters are talking megpies but they would rather text too. The oldest is 40.

Michael, I’ve had some experience with online dating, which I started doing a little over a year after my divorce back in 05. I can also sympathize with you about some of the more frustrating nuances of of it, for instance Pat’s warning about what he call’s “plants” is very real and although they can pose a potential threat for the unwary, it’s quite easy to see through their facade with some well asked questions. It’s sometimes best to think of internet dating as a soft form of two way interrogation (without the water-boarding LOL).

I will also say that internet dating has allowed me to expand my range of travel, as well as allow me to meet some very interesting women, several of whom I still keep in contact with as friends (that is, without the overtly romantic attachments). As for the present, I met a woman this past September and we’ve become very close, up to the point that we’ve decided to live together (a choice that I don’t regret and I’m fairly comfortable in guessing that she would say the same).

As for the texting issue, that’s also something I’m a bit frustrated with as well. Prior to this past September I’d guess I was receiving text messages about 8 times a week from women I either had no interest in meeting or who weren’t entirely interested in having a real relationship (in other words they only wanted sex, drugs, were drunk or they wanted to “hook up”). And I’m sure it’s the same on the women’s side of the fence too. In any case, as Loren mentioned some of these “smart phones” have a feature that allows the user to turn voice into text, a feature I’ve used a few times when I was busy or couldn’t use both hands for the keyboard. Some of these same phones have a feature for the keyboard called “swipe” which a a sort of predictive textual algorithm. Personally though I never found it to work very well. I will say though that if you’re going to be doing a lot of texting get a phone with a slide out keyboard, it’s still like writing with heavily bandaged fingers but you do get better with practice.

Thanks for the info, David. I've found that in most cases with these ads people answer you can write insane stuff to them and recieve quite normal answers that prove you are really dealing with a robot. Join a dating site and read the fine print info and FAQ for members and you might find that sometimes they will have a robot message you.

Why would this be? If you thought it was a real person you might keep on pumping the money in. I know in the first e-mail I get whether I have a real person or not. Sometimes it takes the 2nd e-mail to know. Whether a robot or a scammer they just don't seem to think or talk like real people do.

I would prefer being texted by a stranger, or maybe with someone I knew, just because I can respond in my own time and think about it a bit if necessary.  With ads I put on Craigslist for example.

You can probably make a cellphone give different tones when you receive a text vs being called. 

I agree about texting or using the cell phone while driving ...  I ride my bicycle everywhere, don't have a car.  It's pretty safe - but you do need drivers to be normally alert!  Some jerk driving a car, who's distracted by their conversation about grocery shopping, is a real danger. 



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