What is best country or state for non-believers

I'm increasingly uncomfortable living in the US as I since a distinct rise in religious fascism both in the general public and government.  Where do you think is the best place for atheist to emigrate to?

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It has been a while, but I really enjoyed Costa Rica.  Admittedly, there is a large catholic presence followed by mormons, but not noticeably oppressive.  As I remember this country has the highest percentage of land devoted to National Parks in the world.  Costa Rica has a very high education rate, the citizens are amazingly friendly, there are about a dozen political parties that are always in contention, and, oh yes, it is absolutely gorgeous down there.
Yes, I've been thinking about Costa Rica but I can't seem to locate any active atheist groups down there.  Do you know of any?
You might contact Scott Bidstrup who's a member of A/N and lives in Costa Rica.
I am sure there is some armed people to prevent poaching if nothing else, but I understand Costa Rica had/has absolutely no standing military. It must be nice to get along w ones neighbors so well.

I get your point - I was just busting your chops about characterizing an atheist in boots as a rare breed. I'm sure there are plenty of Republicans in Chuck Taylors :) Jonathan


I was thinking of West Texas boots, the kind with high heels.

And sharp toes - great for swift kicks to an adversary's groin or killing cockroaches in a corner.  Of course, I never wear'em, so I'm at a disadvantage.
Nah, the high-heeled, pointy-toed boots are bought for the same reason some women buy high-heeled, pointy-toed shoes, an attempt to project a more attractive image - more height, glamour and the added benefit of making one's ass protrude. Just ask George Bush.

I think North Korea has the highest official level of non-religious population. Might be a few other problems going there though ;-)


I think UK (where I lived for 25 years) is very accepting of Atheists, church stats are only about 9% of population go to church on a regular basis. I found it was mainly assumed (in younger age groups in the south anyway) that you weren't religious and could speak freely, if you were religious the burden was on you to defend your insanity and not the other way around!


Canada seemed almost as bad as US for religion, but maybe more tolerant simply because that is the nature of Canadian people. I'm now in Australia, seems a little more religious than UK but is becoming more progressive and is obviously better than USA which if anything seems to be going backwards!! (sorry US people, but you don't need me to remind you that you've got a problem!)

Why aren't we think an atheist country.

There are some very secular (atheistic) societies and they're getting more that way. Much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

A society that declared superstition a social evil, though, would be accused of human rights violations. We're not that far along yet. We need to let them evolve. I hope they will. 

New Zealands the way to go, its a bit like australia without so many aussies :)
Any of the higher income, more expensive areas inside the United States will typically be more progressive and likewise less religious and or Atheist. Scandinavia especially Norway ranks top on nearly everything an Atheist could hope for, except for the shorter days and the cold. :/



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