What is best country or state for non-believers

I'm increasingly uncomfortable living in the US as I since a distinct rise in religious fascism both in the general public and government.  Where do you think is the best place for atheist to emigrate to?

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The Constitution will let you live in any state regardless. American Atheists Inc., I'm almost sure, will take em' to court if 'they' infringe on your person.

With the exception of Colorado Springs, Colorado is pretty open.  I've been open about my Atheism all my life and have lived here all my life and I've never had a hostile word or act directed against me.  My wife, 2 daughters, son in laws, 4 grand kids, father, brother, niece and nephew are all Atheist and to my knowledge have had no negative encounters with theist either.
Mostly, people here care more about your personal qualities than your belief system. If your an asshole you could be piety personified – your still an asshole (James Dobson springs to mind)

 I'm one of those "atheists in boots," living in the South. I love country music, I drive a truck with mud on the sides, and own a shotgun.

 I've exaggerated the stereotype by developing a cache of racist and sexist jokes.. not proud of it, and don't share those views myself, but remarkably useful at times when you parody someone.


 Anyway, there are times that I would like to be in a more welcoming society, I've often though of Britain or Canada (been there, liked it. Very clean, cherry trees, lots of beer.)


 However I'm a natural curmudgeon, and like the discussion and debates I've had with various religious folks.


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