What is Faith? Over the years I have heard many people, who can’t scientifically or logically defend their supernatural beliefs, end up saying they are based on faith. Thus, I came to ask, “What is Faith?” I now argue that faith has a lot to do with what part of the globe a person is born in. That is, if a person is born in a Western country their faith is most likely based on an endless number of Christian religions. If one is born in a Middle Eastern country a person is probably a Sunni or Shia Muslim. And, if one is born in a Far Eastern country their religious faith is probably related to being a Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, etc. I am trying to make a case that religious faith and beliefs are based on childhood indoctrination depending on where you were born. Faith comes from an early time period of environmental indoctrination that leads to a lifetime faith based on a religion’s dogma. Most indoctrination (of any kind) takes place during the impressionable Limbic Brain developmental years from infancy to age 7, and continues into the concrete thinking years of 7-12. Limbic indoctrination trumps Neocortex rationality or listening to intuitive guidance. Indoctrination is about taking a docile child (or adults who refuse to think for themselves) and molding them into a belief system. It systematically ensnares and entraps a child’s mind into believing whatever is put into it. If the seeds of religious indoctrination are planted early enough, all will succumb to unnatural dogmatic proclamations. Religious stamping-in faith demands beliefs and values that can’t be questioned. I warn that childhood faith has dire implications. Absolute faith makes for a decerebralization of common sense, reasoning, the ability to question, and the ability to think for oneself. Religious indoctrination is faith-based submission that has been a deceptive attack on the selfhood (spirithood and personhood) of a child.

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Faith is believing what you know ain't so.
-- Mark Twain

I'm not sure anyone ever said it better. Faith amounts to gullibility, belief without any form of proof, verification, or evidence. It assigns credibility to a proposition mostly because the person doing so wants it to be true, which strikes me as being the worst form of "knowing" I can think of.

I mean, how smart would I be if I stepped off a curb to cross a street, having faith that no one would hit me, rather than looking both ways first?

 What you say is true. Faith is believing in the unbelievable with no evidence.

Faith is belief without valid evidence for that faith.
Because if there were valid evidence, it would instead be knowledge.

So essentially, Faith is the antithesis of Knowledge. 

Gullibility if I understand it correctly. 

I don’t know of anyone who’s said it more humorously than Mark Twain.

I talk with several Catholics and see tragedy in “Faith is believing what they hope is so.”

Yes, Mark Twain said it best. I was once a believer in all things supernatural.. Today I am a believer in zero things supernatural. 

Faith is the belief in something that you know damn well is a lie.

Or, the belief in something that you'd like to be true, with no reason to think that it's so.

Given faith’s consequences, it’s a form of Artificial Selection.

The Catholicism I knew selected for gullibility, passivity, submissiveness and such. My evidence is two elderly Catholics I’ve known for a decade. They go AWOL from time to time but always return.




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