First Define your God.

secondly explain your God.(optional)
thirdly provide evidence/proof of your God.
Abrahamic God:
Omnipotent(all powerful)
Omniscient(all knowing)
Omnibenevolent(all loving)
He created everything in 7 days. The universe is 6000-10,000 years old. etc…
LooL you got me. Which is a pretty good reason why I dont believe in the Abrahamic God. But I dont claim to be omniscient. perhaps someone will beleive in the abrahamic God and have evidence for his/her existence.
edit/ if your God is already self-evident, provide proof for the attributes.

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"god" is nature.

"God" is the answer given by parents, shamans, political leaders when it would be too embarrassing to say "Damned if I know."


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