Kritarchy or Stratocracy 

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Hmm, well, I don't want to live under Marshall law so Id go with Kritarchy. but at the end of the day I would not support either of the two.  I would try live by a resource based economy where, where all the resources we have are shared equally between the people inhabiting earth. I would like to see the downfall of religion and politics to be replaced by a more humane method. I oppose people going on about differences when we are all for the most part the same, we all want to care and be cared for but thanks to politics and religion we have this stigma of "I'm better than you because of 'my religion, my political views' etc."

But this is only my view,  if you want to read something interesting look up Theravada, it is a Buddhist teaching where people seek guidance from elders who have knowledge rather than some guy telling us of an afterlife which he himself has not even seen.

Thanks for ye opinion Jonathan

Thanks Write 4u..Democracy is best..




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