I've never seen the movie or read the books about a bucket list.  it's a list of things we want to see, do, or accomplish before we die.  Stating it better, things we want to see, do, or accomplish during our lifetimes.  A lot of people want to go somewhere in particular, or accomplish a marathon, or other goals.


I don't have a clearly defined bucket list.  I think it's a good exercise in clarifying goals and not putting off to a vague future time, a vague future aspiration.  I don't know if it's completely fair to put past accomplishments on a bucket list.  Looking back on life, tho, there are things that I really wanted to accomplish, that I did. 


Here are the things that I think about.  Maybe say, 10 things to  accomplish in the next 10 years?

1.  Learn conversational Spanish

2.  Re-read a list of favorite books - Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles", The Lord of the Rings, A Short History of a Small Place.

3.  Find a "cause".  Then do it. (too vague.  something related to social justice).

4.  Visit Spain, Chile, and Peru (better get to work on that Spanish).

5.  Make the perfect Chili.

6.  Make a peach pie from peaches from my own trees.

7.  Visit "The Old South" US.  More interested in Civil Rights landmarks and history than fantasies about the civil war or antebellum south.

8.  Learn to make Tamales.

9.  Revisit Italy, but this time make it to Pompei and Sicily.

10.  See what it's like to be 20 pounds lighter.


So I better get busy.  What gets in the way for me now is work, and getting tired, and day-to-day life. I did plant new peach trees last month.  They replace the trees that aren't cooperating.  I bought a book on making tamales - just have to get started.  I make false starts on learning Spanish all the time.  I got a Kindle app for that - so that's a start.


What's on your list?  How are you going to accomplish it?

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Interesting. My list is a lot like Sentient's.

* For me #3 might be foster parenting or setting up a free tutoring program for teens.  

* I have a goal of visiting all 6 human inhabited continents and I have 2 to go. 

* I like PowerfulHitchSlaps' old age death defying feat idea though not sure I have the nerve, maybe scuba at 75? 

* Marathon within 3 years. (this has changed it used to be by age 40 then 50, lol) I did a half last year so there is some progress.  

I agree that having these goals is important because that is the beginning of getting them done. 


Impressive, marathon in 3 years!  A lot of people have that on their list!  Lets see...  Obviously I've been to N America, and military took me to Europe and Asia, also vacation.  That leaves Africa, S. America (On my bucket list) and Australia.  Chile and Peru are on my list, that would be 2 remaining.  Would love a camera safari in S. Africa.  Not too different from your goal.

This is a great list!  Any idea what countries?  Do you know the languages?  If other answer, it might give you ideas as well.  That's one reason I started this topic, to see what other people are interested in accomplishing.

At my age and financial situation, my bucket list is modest.  

I want to buy several acres of land out in the country where it's peaceful and raise a huge garden of fruits and vegies, as well as fruit & nut trees.  I also want to raise rabbits to eat, and build a pond where I can raise catfish.

This is something I am working towards to, just a couple of acres.  I love growing fruits and vegetables.  I have hens in my yard for eggs.

Gardening is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I've ever done.  I even enjoy pulling weeds. :)  I love to see green things growing and the extremely tasty food I get makes it 100 times better.

I may try some hens later.

Gardening is something that makes my life tolerable.  Many times through the year what I eat is determined by what's growing and ready to eat.  Puttering in the garden is a form of meditation.  I almost medication but that's true too.

1.  Be a part of some huge uncovering of the truth. 

2.  Visit a few spots in Europe, South America.  

3.  See flying cars actually go into mass production.  We've been talking about them for how long now?

4.  Write a song that will be remembered. I know that's hard to do but it would be very fulfilling.

5.  Own a log cabin on a heavily wooded land plot. Preferably higher altitude.  

Actually, …nothing.

I'm not a list maker for one, …I have set goals, and accomplished them, and found new ones that I actively pursue, such as helping a kid over-come his autism and pursuing to the best of my ability; secular activism. These two things take up a lot of my time, …the rest of the time I'm busy just living life, enjoying family and getting in a few beers when I can. 

* Travel by train in first class from Chicago to San Francisco in a sleeper car.

* Buy my own home.

* Have a worn-out 1940's green chair in storage from my Grandmother's living room reupholstered in the same color and use that as the decorating inspiration for my own living room.

* Physically volunteer at charities instead of just sending money.

* Throw a memorable Halloween costume party.

Just to make some sort of contribution toward sustainable secular Earth Community, possibly in the realm of ideas.

I have been trying to think of bucket list things the last few days and my imagination must be at an all time low - I'm coming up empty.

I am going to Portugal the first two weeks in may and am sleeping in a 14th century castle tower for one night.  But that is from my wife's bucket list.

Here is one:

I would like to write a good science fiction book. 




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