Is Religion Made for Prevent Friendship ?

Is Religion Made for Prevent Love ?

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Are you a moderator of this site @Tammy

No just answering your question, do you not like my answer either?

Surprise surprise...

Ye are fired on my answer ???

What religion started out as was needed at the time.  booklover is right to a degree, religion is used to instil fear and control in the masses, but it's used for a little more than that.  For some it's a comfort factor, others use it to give meaning and definition to their lives.  Sandi is right as well; save me some of that baby.  Some use it to get wealth and power, and some just use it as that last glimmer of hope to see someone they love and make things right with them that they didn't get to do in life.  There are plenty of sides to religion, but lets not forget that when it comes down to it it's people who do fucked up things.  They might use religion to do it, but many others have used far worse.  Overall, religion blows.

Superstitious explanations were a catch all for understanding all phenomena. 

I have always contended that religion is a failed science. It started off as a way for prehistoric man to explain what was going on around him. If your group/tribe has a leader, makes sense for someone/thing to be in charge, just like your chief is in charge. Didn't know any better, just trying to make sense of things. Go with the model you have. Now these people were just as, hell, some were smarter than us, but when your life expectancy is about 30 yrs., and you're living as hunter gathers, doesn't leave much time for real scientific inquiry. So psuedo-science it is. We were able to let go of alchemy, astrology (mostly), and other psuedo-sciences. Why does this one hang on. Really don't know, but it has really harmed humanity as a whole.

Well, just my 2 cents. Be well.

What about the dogmatism's in religion

At G is an Atheist, watch zeitgeist sometime, the fist one, It knocks religion but it gives a comprehensive explanation as to how it started. well, at least from its own point of view.

And i think the dogmatism of christianity is something like what did jesus teach if he didn't have the bible to teach from... I'm probably wrong but I'm sure someone here will have a better explanation.

Ah, dogma, is living with the results of other peoples thinking... Id like to think for myself...


My personal belief is that one of the main purposes is to provide a false sense of 100% certainty, which is sad in my opinion, because probability (as opposed to 100% certainty) is not only a much more beautiful way in which to view life and the word, it's also more aligned with objective physical reality.


In India Religion for preventing love 'tween two lovers.Its an injustice.




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