If Satan exists, he must be profoundly stupid. I mean, he can read, can't he? He must know he is eventually going to get his ass kicked.

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If predestination is true, then yes. If we all have free will, including devils and angels, then no.

No, I'm not suggesting devils and angels really exist.
its fun to fantasize about that kind of stuff. Its probably what christians do. Fantasize about their god and what wish he is going to grant them. And then fantasizing about the devil and how he is ploting to get them. I dont fantasize in that way. I fantisize differently, it doesn't involve god or the devil. It involves other supernatural creatures. lol
ol yes my fantasizing doesn't involve religion much either...though sometimes I wonder what the nuns are wearing underneath.

I think it is an appeal of Christianity that it provides this morbid glee imagining that you are special and saved and the poor other guy is going to get his, at least in the afterlife.

Dallas good point, predestination must be true in the case of Satan or the bible is wrong. But if he knows he's going to lose in the end, why bother doing whatever he's doing?
He could just be trying to do as much damage as he can before it's all over. He knows his destiny, but he wants to hurt God as much as he can, stealing and damaging God's "precious children".

Sad, desperate, but understandable considering the circumstances!

Poor, sad Satan.
satan?whos that? I don't beleive in that either
Nobody goes to war saying that they are going to lose so of course the dumbass christians say "god" is going to win. I think that eventually the only winner will be reality
Just ask a fundamentalist since he only exists in their brainwashed minds. Just like they seem to know what God's thinking too.

Although for fun...
"I wonder if I can get AC installed down here?"
"God kills millions in the Bible and I kill 10 - I've got to see if I can get his publicist."
"There's no fun in tempting atheists."
"I wonder which God created first? Evil or me?"
"Damn Catholic church says I don't exist anymore."
"If more and more people turn atheist, it will wipe out me and the competition."
"I wish I could get my hands on some of God's money."
"I wonder if I can get implants for these horns? Make 'em bigger"
"I hope I get a new pitchfork for my birthday. This one's pretty old."
"Hey, that whole tsunami thing was Mother Nature, not me."
"I've got to expand this place. End-Times is coming."
"Wait 'til that Dave Rogers gets here - I show him not to make fun of me!"
Satan was a prisoner of God's, and he never had a choice to act on his own will. The only time he tried, he got condemned to the lake of fire. No angels have free will. So how Satan managed to try and use it, I'll never know.

But there is no one action of Satan's besides the fabled "trying to be like God" which is well-disputed that he wasn't made to do by God.
Satan probably doesn't exist. But the afterlife does and has been scientifically confirmed: doesaccount.com
Is today April 1st?
Well that site's a crock of shit, thanks for wasting 1 minute of my life.
Nothing. What's a unicorn thinking?




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