As an atheist , What your thought on soul ? Is science belive the soul ?

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Yes, there is still something you could call the soul in the context of atheism - what a person "really" is when they aren't acting a part, assuming a social face. 

I personally  do not believe in a soul....Xians  believe  the soul survives  after  death...Your soul  could become  a ghost and haunt others......It is  spiritual and does  not  compute  for me.....The human  brain is so complex that  most  people  do not understand it  or know  what it is capable of......Out of body experiences  is just  a form of hallucinating due to an oxygen starved  brain.....People  on LSD   see pink elephants because of its  effects  on the brain ....Rational thinking  and Science  should dispel any  notions  of  a person having  a Soul.....  

The soul is YOU. The essence of life is within you, and you are a living  soul. To have a living soul it is just as easy to have a dead soul. If we are talking about after death there is nothing to survive. When you are dead you are dead. You are no longer a living soul.

There is absolutely no evidence for some invisible part of you that survives death. Men want to believe there is a soul because of what religions teach them. They have evidence of "soul travel" during sleep, but this is no real evidence. The sleeping person is still alive and only dreaming. No one has ever came back from the dead to bring us evidence of a "soul" as a separate entity or an afterlife. Once a person dies they will cease to exist much like they were before they were ever born. What continues on after you die is in the minds of family, friends, and relatives and all those who knew you.

@Michael.......Yes  I see that many  versions  of that word....But  essence of life within us makes  sense...

The soul is the part of you that dies if you have a soul-killing job. "Soul" means individual, and your soul is your individuality or your self. 

Here's my blog post about "our real souls" from 2011.

Jonathan, I really liked your blog post!  Especially this:

Our senses and instincts are finely tuned to read each others' souls, making human individuals compellingly real to each other.

I think of someone's soul as an abstract analogue of their body.

When I was 19 I had an extended visionary experience (commonly referred to as "going crazy").  One night I was sitting on a hill, and incredible visions arose, of various people's souls.  They were like paintings of who they were, that I saw in the night sky.

Thanks, Laura. That's quite a vision.

@Jonathan     I never felt comfortable  with the word  soul because  I always  envisioned  `Ghosts' and what not, like in the spirit world......However  I googled  it and found that there are several  ways  to look at the word Soul ....The one  that  I could relate to was the definition that a person's  soul  is his/her  essence,and what makes him/her  unique  in the world....I like that.....  

Thanks for taking the trouble to look it up. It's taken me years to get used to using all these traditional terms, like soul, and it's still a little weird. I like the idea that the believers don't have a monopoly on the soul. 

I feel a 'soul' is a religious term and is connected to religious people believing in heaven, hell etc. 'soul' is just a psychological buzz word churches use to scare & guilt gullible people into: attending, giving $$$$$'s, giving free sweat labor and encouraging attendees to go out and bring MORE people to the church.



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