As an atheist , What your thought on soul ? Is science belive the soul ?

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like I said...there are  many  different  interpretations of `Soul"   I reject  the religious  ones too...

It's the rubber like material that makes up the bottom of my shoe :-)

That would be sole.....:=D        MatttyLJ

I would need to know exactly what you mean to imply by "soul".

If you mean a transcendental, existential, embodiment of memory and personality that is eternal and persists after the destruction of the brain-NO.

If you mean personal identity, sans social restrictions, I could see a good case being made to call it a "soul".

Soul is also an SUV made by KIa -- ironically a soulless little thing.  I like Laura's definition " an abstract analogue of their body."


To me the soul concept is the hangover of 1000s of years of religious indoctrination. It looks for something more than we are. Get on with life, enjoy it for what it is. Cheers



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