I live in a very religious town, so I hear this saying about 2 or 3 times every week, whether it be to me or someone near me.  I usually don't respond when it is said to me, but what do you think a good response would be?

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Yah, jesus love me long time.
That's really funny! Lol!
"Unrequited love's a bitch, isn't it?"

"The problem is he takes more than he gives."



Love it!

"Who doesn't?"

So why's he sending me to hell?


I know, but the bastard gave me an STD.


But I'm not a child any more, and he only loves the little children. Kinda like MJ. >.>

He's the abusive husband type! "I don't know why you make me do this to you...!"
Jesus?  He owes me money!

you say "Bless this!"


The last time someone said,"Have a blessed day" to me, was a poll worker outside the entrance of my voting place.  What I did was work to get the printed training materials used by the Florida Dept of Ellections.  Now poll workers are trained to say nothing but, "Thank you for voting!".

Now it's time to change the practice, contrary to the FL Constitution, of having voting take place in churches.  How much money is spent each year to pay churches to hold voting in their buildings?

That is a good point.


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