I live in a very religious town, so I hear this saying about 2 or 3 times every week, whether it be to me or someone near me.  I usually don't respond when it is said to me, but what do you think a good response would be?

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The legitimate evidence that any ' holy book ' is the words of a god given to men remains a constant zero!


The biblical jesus is just another man made fictional character, incapable of loving, doing or giving anything other than the man made writers make it do in their various story books, bible included.



A reply in Latin seems best. After all most of those who use the remark in question won;t know what it means anyway. Perhaps, "Quid est veritas" would do the job


I don’t know, I think I’d probably use something more along the lines of that old Dr Pepper TV commercial; I’d break into song with:

Jesus loves me, Satin loves me, Mama loves me, Daddy loves me, wouldn’t you want to come and love me too?

LOL - Good one!
Good answer...lol..

More Christian Comments


I just walk past those crazy people in the street. It's best not to make eye contact.

*eyetwitch* that is very sparkly...
I also don't respond and just smile ,the problem is we don't want to hurt their feelings . maybe the best is to answer with a question like " how do you know ".
"Hmmm, you mean like all those priests loved all those altar boys?!?"
"Oh, Hi my name is [Name here], I'm an atheist and I don't believe in any god or gods. Have a nice day!"

It's not Jesus I'm worried about it is all his followers.


A friend saw a t-shirt that said 






(us from your followers)



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