I live in a very religious town, so I hear this saying about 2 or 3 times every week, whether it be to me or someone near me.  I usually don't respond when it is said to me, but what do you think a good response would be?

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The North Carolina Constitution, for example, states that you have to believe in God to hold any political office.  There was a local politician who is being forced out of his office because he is an atheist.



Too bad that North Carolina's constitution violates Article VI: Section III of the U.S. Constitution.

I just want to quote Faith +1 lyrics.


"...I wanna feel your salvation all over my face!"

"Your mom loved me last night!"
I prefer to use Peter Griffins line " Jesus loves me he loves me a bunch because he always puts skippy in my lunch" just to throw them off.
I knew I lived in El Paso too long when I saw written in the dust on a bus stop "I love Jesus" and started wondering which Jesus, could they be any more general. I know at least 50.
In Goa, people are also named Jesus a lot...and it's pronounced the same way English-speaking people say "Jesus". That's even weirder.
I would reply, "Well i don't"
You don't what?  Your reply is is unresponsive.  Do you mean, "Well, I don't love him!"
Well, if he were real, I would love him too.

"Well, if he were real, I would love him too."


Oh now I really like this!


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