What is the best way to stop your child from becoming an atheist?

I found this on Art of Trolling.  It might be too truthful to be funny, but it brought a smile to my face.


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Love it.

One of the best anti-child abuse rants I have ever read.  Because early religious training is one of the most mind destroying (hence child abusing) traditions the human race has ever allowed to become mainstream and acceptable. I was recently snidely spoken to by a 13 year old son of a bunch of "Jack" Mormons who (obviously knowing my stance on evolution) blithely stated that he wanted to have a "tail" like a monkey.  All I could think was how poorly he misunderstood evolution (A failure of our educational system) and how completely unprepared this young man was going to be headed into a future where supernatural causes for humanity will be treated as quaint and fringe. (This will happen, though perhaps not in my lifetime.)

That's great, thanks for sharing!

I saw this elsewhere on A/N some time back and was impressed with it then.  The truly sad commentary is that this instruction not only is a valid means of preventing someone from becoming an atheist, but that it is the means that many parents practice on their children, either consciously or not.




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