We need a plan to take down religion. Honestly I thought the internet would do the job, you would think if people had information instantly at their fingertips they would bother to educate themselves about reality. Sadly this great tool for educating the masses is more commonly used for propaganda and porn, online dating and social networking(basically the same thing). So how do we educate the brainwashed masses who feed off of fox news and the bible? We need a plan to show them that they live in a false reality clinging to false hope and lies.Any Ideas?

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Subliminal and liminal messaging in porn? So many people watch it, regardless of their faith's ideals about it, it'd be a great tool. >.>
That is a great idea!!! If you can't reason with them, trick them into learning!
Remove religion from avenues of exemption and control : Yes.

Destroy religion : No.

Sure, you, me, and everyone present is fully capable functioning rationally without the belief that something is watching their every move. But there are many who are in the religions who are simply incapable of functioning like us.

A man who believes whole heartedly that he would commit heinous crimes if his bible were removed is probably going to fail to function in society.
... and quite frankly... I don't feel like having to re-educate every post-believer on this planet as to how life works.

They're too deep into the lie to let them out now.
They'd be useless to the world if we cracked that cage.

All we can do is manipulate religion (like we ever stopped), in order to update them to keep them functioning with modern day morals and expectations.
I'm not a JW and I don't want to go banging on doors or handing out pamphlets. Let them come to me. I just want to live my life without theist. I enjoy being here on this little island. I enjoy being with atheist and reading their post. Let the theist sing their songs and kiss the bishops ring. Do I think anything I say will change their minds? NOPE. Do I care? NOPE. If you do, go get em.
It's happening, already. Just be patient. The percentage of non-religious people in the world (atheists, agnostics, and so on) has gone up to 16% (from 10% in 2005). Religious numbers are shrinking. Just because religions aren't disappearing tomorrow doesn't mean that the internet and other tools aren't working
I think the internet is working, as far as diminishing religion, world-wide. Just, like nearly everything that involves mental shifting, it's going to take a lot longer than a few years. You may be a great-grandparent before you see any real difference!
Step 1. Live your life to the fullest.
Step 2. Have Patience
Step 3. Wait - The weight of religion's insanity will be it's undoing eventually.
Step 4. Repeat Step 1
Unlike my colleagues, who preach waiting-ness, I support your overall plan of ending religion.

We all must shrug off the chains the 'Theists' have placed upon us. We must unite!
We must deal as if we are in a war against 'Theism'. Perhaps using the principles of 'GO', and adapt that to the War on 'Theism'.

We must focus on one 'Theism' at a time. We should first go against Christianity. It is the weakest, and the closest of all 'Theisms'.

Support the British plan to Arrest the Pope on the charges of Crimes Against Humanity.
Go to 'Theist' areas and defeat their arguments with reason, and logic. We must go after the 'Strong Theists' and place them on a tight leash!

We should place Pedophile Priests in prison, among the general population. We must show that 'Theism' is not above the law.

We need Atheists in the levels of Government. Congress and the Senate in the United States. Parliament in the United Kingdom.
We need an Atheist to run and get into the Office of the President of the United States.

We must cut all times with 'Theism' and declare a Total War upon them.

'Theism' will end. Later by mere waiting, or sooner by actively fighting 'Theism'.

We Must Unite!

We Are Atheists! Never Again Will We Bow Before 'Theism'!!

Viva Atheism!
that was pretty epic.
yes, it was very dramatic. But humans act like this: the harder you push something, the more they will hold onto it. This goes for religion, non-religion (in our cases), and if you have children, you'd see that the more you want them to do certain things, the more they will resist it. Ever date someone your parents disliked?

Religion will be its own undoing, as the younger people grow and see how much "thinking for yourself and question everything" is actually a virtue.
Ya know - the fundies embraced the internet before most of us knew it existed ...

Yet there is hope. My father was raised (schooled) by Jesuits in Haiti (see: France 100 years ago) and literally prayed by his bedside with my mother every night before bed (and yet, I still have 3 siblings.) When my mother died over a year ago, he admitted to me that he had pretty much arrived at atheism - not at bitterness at the death of his wife of fifty years - but because it didn't make any sense.

The time is coming.
my parents did that, and raised us that way, (sometimes they made us pray by their bedside just to make sure we were doing it right) and I had 6 sibs when I was young!




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