My father (RIP) was catholic and my mother is catholic.

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Both parents Southern Baptist and very religious in their old age. One sister is also, the other not as religious. None of my three children are religious. One nephew is openly atheist (he's here on A|N).
My mom has her masters degree in social work, but says she believes in a god. My father, high school education, is southern baptist.
My mother was a methodist and drug us to church.
My dad was church of Christ..he got a wild hair and drug us to his church (which was WAY worse than the methodist) but that didn't last long. Except for that short time when he had the religion weirdness going on,he never went to church, or discussed it.
I suspect my mother mostly went to church for a social outlet.
I'm enjoying drug. Is that one of your pet words or is it in actual usage in your parts? :-) I'm going to start using it and see if it catches on here.
It may be more of a metaphor, like it was an intoxicating experience going to church.
My dad was raised in a not too religious family, he now goes to a non-denominational church twice a week. My mother was raised in a strict catholic household, she now refers to herself as "spiritual," not religious.
Non-practising lutherans, my dad doesn't believe in anything and I think that my mom stays there for the sake of tradition (which is pretty common on this side of Europe).
"my dad doesn't believe in anything"

So he's an Atheist! Well, that's what the theists always say anyway.
He practically is one (or that's at least what I think), but I suppose he couldn't care less whether or not he's in the church.
My moms religious when it suits her needs.
Aren't they all...
My dad was raised Catholic in your typical Catholic family (total of 9 children from a mother who was of German-Irish descent and a father of Polish descent), went to Catholic school until he hit high school. My mom was also raised Catholic because she's from The Philippines. At this point in their lives, my mom rarely (once or twice every couple years?) attends mass but my dad refuses to join her. He's used the word "agnostic" with me, but I think he really means nondenominational...? He tells me that one day I will realize God is there for me. My mom's more upset about me not believing than he is, but she tries to hide it.


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